Association "pour kungur" (English)

The association « Pour Kungur » (For Kungur) began with a collective of families who have adopted or who are in the process of adopting children from the Kungur Children’s Home (Russia).

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Since 2007, a real link was created between adoptive families and the baby home staff. The women who work in the Kungur Children’s Home are wonderful women, who, with very little means, care for the children and and help them grow up.

In 2009, we create the collective of family "From Kungur" These exchanges between families and baby home staff are also a big emotional help for adoptive parents and children.
The families are in France, Spain, Italy, Irland, UK, Switzerland, USA, Argentina, Canada.

This Baby home takes care of approximately 60 children from 0 to 9 years old. It is funded mainly with donations, the City of Kungur’s railroad company provides the building.

The women who work in the house are very devoted but without the means it is very difficult for them.

Facilities are poor, the education and teaching is very limited, because a shortage of material.


The Kungur Baby House accepted, until the beginning of 2012, children from 0 to 4 years old, and has just got an extension to receive children up to 9 years.

So, in 2012, we create "Pour Kungur" association.
In 2015, we decide to help 10 baby homes in Perm region.
( 4 in Perm city, Kungur, Chaikovski, Solikamsk, Krasnokamsk, Kudimkar, Kurashim -Pictures of baby homes )
We help them materially, but also, we send them news from the children who lived with them.
We share about our different cultures.

Many of the children are not in full health. Some have emotional or physical special needs including autism and FAS (Fetal Alcohol Syndrome). These children need special assistance and medical treatment and are not likely to be adopted, spending their lives in institutions.

Everything is needed... Especially in a region where the temperature can drop to - 50 degrees in winter and get up to 40 degrees in summer.
A lot of effort is needed just to practically be able to receive the new children, but they also need equipment to take care of them and to and to educate them.
Our exchanges, focused on openness and discovery, entered the pedagogical program orphanages. 


Pour Kungur in Russia

Our first project
was to collect funds to purchase a new minibus for the orphanage and we were successful! The new bus was delivered April 2014!

A minibus for Kungur Baby Home

Our secound project
was to arrange a new room for the physical rehabilitation and exercise of the children living in the orphanage. (february 2015) - With tis project, we organise 
a work experience for 4 french nursing students, in Kungur Baby home.

A motor-Skills Development Room for Children

The blog  of the travel:

Our third project  was to give news of adopted children in Perm region, and offer equipment to different baby homes in the Perm region (according to our budget and their needs ) - April 2015
"Everybody for Perm"

The blog of the travel :
Everybody for Perm is a ongoing project

Our Fourth project:

Begining: april 2015

Our fifth project:
(travel end of december 2015)
To follow our travel:

(May 2016)

July 2016 ( Russia)
December, january and february 2017 (France)

To Follow our trip in Russia:

december 2016 - January 2017

(April 2017)

To follow our trip:

Our current projects :

Everybody for Perm 2017!

(dead line Automn 2017)

The orphanages need you.

If you want to give a financial donation, or you want to be partner,
Please contact Helene Texier:
0033 254478310 - 0033 660840677

You can send a donation making a bank transfer:
RIB of the association for the banking transfers: donation

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