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Conference listings

Trainers and educators love to present at conferences. It's where their audiences are and potential clients too. But not all conferences are created equal. How can you tell if a conference will meet your expectations before you commit to making a presentation or renting a vendor booth?

Our conference listings tell you exactly what you need to know before you make a conference decision. Even better, our listings include an option to add conferences we haven't listed and even submit your own assessment of a conference experience.

Our conferences listings include:
  • Conference name and website
  • Location
  • Time of year the conference typically is held
  • When calls for proposals are typically issued
  • The intended attendee audience
  • How many people typically attend
  • How many workshop/breakout sessions are typically offered
  • Whether there are keynote speaking opportunities
  • The honorarium offered presenters, if any
  • Free opportunities offered presenters, like a vendor booth or conference registration
  • If presenters are required to register (and pay for) the conference
  • Cost to reserve a vendor booth
  • Conferences' over-all "star" ratings from previous presenters
To find this information on your own takes time and effort. But we've done the work for you. Get the information you're looking for about conferences in your area all in one place - right here!

Access to our conference listings is part of your annual membership package.