SeqRL Project

Decision-making under Uncertainty with Applications to Reinforcement Learning, Control, and Games

Objectives: This associate team aims at bridging researchers from the SequeL team-project at INRIA Lille with the Department of Computing Science of the University of Alberta in Canada. Our common interest lies in machine learning, especially reinforcement learning, bandit algorithms and statistical learning with applications to control and computer games. The department of Computing Science at the University of Alberta is internationally renown as a leading research institute on these topics. The research work spans from theory to applications. Grounded on an already existing scientific collaboration, this associate team will make it easier to collaborate further between the two institutes, and thus strengthen this relationship. We foresee that the associate team will boost our collaboration, create new opportunities for financial support, and open-up a long-term fruitful collaboration between the two institutes. The collaboration will be through organizing workshops and exchanging researchers, postdoctoral fellows, and Ph.D. students between the two institutes.