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  • Advice from a lawyer on your individual circumstances.
  • In the common law, legal advice is the giving of a formal opinion regarding the substance or procedure of the law by an officer of the court (such as solicitor or barrister), ordinarily in exchange for financial or other tangible compensation.
  • Nothing contained in this site is intended as, nor shall be construed as legal advice, guidance, or interpretation. No attorney-client relationship is established between API and you by your use of this site.
  • before the Christian era; used following dates before the supposed year Christ was born; "in 200 BC"
  • bc, for bench calculator, is "an arbitrary precision calculator language" with syntax similar to the C programming language. It is generally used by typing the command bc on a Unix command prompt and entering a mathematical expression, such as (1 + 3) * 2, whereupon 8 will be output.
  • Batallion Commander
  • Before Christ (used to indicate that a date is before the Christian Era)
  • B.C. is a daily American comic strip created by cartoonist Johnny Hart. Set in prehistoric times, it features a group of cavemen and anthropomorphic animals from various geologic eras. B.C.
  • British Columbia (in official postal use)
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What to Sell on eBay and Where to Get It: The Definitive Guide to Product Sourcing for eBay and Beyond
What to Sell on eBay and Where to Get It: The Definitive Guide to Product Sourcing for eBay and Beyond
If you want to build a profitable--and consistent--eBay business, you need to start with strategic product sourcing. What to Sell on eBay and Where to Get It reveals the same techniques used by the most successful e-commerce entrepreneurs and by major retail chains to determine what products will sell well and which suppliers will deliver those products for the best price.
Learn to generate product ideas, research your markets, diversify your product line, and build a direct supply of inventory. Using the proven strategies in this book, you’ll be able to find the products that will fuel your business for the long term and skyrocket your sales!

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We caught Crabs in Sidney
We caught Crabs in Sidney
It all started with a subtle hard nudge from my son since we moved to Victoria six weeks ago. He has been catching crabs by hand (all legal size) off the shore at Willows Beach in Victoria. None by fluke but by hours of walking in chest deep waters and a net. It then sparked the idea of there must be a way to keep these delicious creatures and feast on them (legally)! My sisters boyfriend mentioned the Pier in Sidney-Sidney Fishing Pier just a block from main street you can't miss it. We went to a quaint little shop with a pirate out front decorated with buoys and large crab traps called "The Boater's Exchange". There you will find the best crab traps and service. Then go over to "True Value Hardware" for your shellfish license. Kids are free and hey I thought this sounds like fun so I got one too. Everyone I spoke with was very knowledgeable and friendly as we only knew how to barbeque a steak just moving from the prairies you know. Oh and for good luck better pick up a stock pot and a large pail so you can feast later...also garlic butter. I also thought I better stop at the Sidney Bakery on main street for their glazed doughnuts just in case... Next was a stop at the fresh fish market at the end of main street where you can buy bait for a buck! That in itself is a smelly experience. They just slap in the large fish that they would normally discard right into your pail~unbelievable again remember we are from the prairies (I think I mentioned that already)~I maybe should have taken the camera from around my neck so that when I asked "how do we get these big fish into the little bait keeper in the crab trap?" I did not feel a bit stupid Ha! So I thought it was the right time to pull out my doughnut. READY, SET, GO! We are ready to go crab trapping. It was the coolest experience I have had. Being out on the pier is like being out on a boat~well that is what I tell myself since we don't know anyone with a boat. My son loaded the trap with a the fish bait and with the advice of other experienced crab trappers we put a rock in to add some weight. They also said that chicken parts work really well for bait. Sometimes the seals like to steal your bait too as they were splashing around. We left the trap in for about 15 minutes and pull it up and the excitment continues. You can see the crab moving around and you can't wait to see the size. You measure them (a measure stick you buy with your trap) and then if it is legal size you then with the crab crawling around the deck you try to get a hold of it's back legs (watch out for the claw-you will only get bit once and remember the pain forever) to see if it is male or female. The females get thrown back. If it is a male you keep it and feast on it. I really recommend this experience. The stories you hear from the other fisherman on the pier are intriguing and witty. We finished it off with lunch at the Pier Bistro and some hot chocolate.
MP Alan Johnson opens the Legal Advice Centre
MP Alan Johnson opens the Legal Advice Centre
L-R: Alan Johnson and student Legal Advisors Stephanie Ball, Stephen Symington Alan Johnson is the MP for West Hull & Hessle

legal advice bc
legal advice bc
Toward Social Change: A 12-Points Peace Agenda for Governments and Legal Counsel
TOWARD SOCIAL CHANGE presents an articulate Peace Agenda that contains twelve distinct proposals for reducing violence to a minimum while promoting and encouraging pleasure-seeking behaviors both in children and adults. The proposals are based upon research evidence of the often overlooked bioenergetic roots of violence demonstrating how the historical turndown of the pleasure function through compulsive morality or moralism resulted in an inevitable upsurge of violence through the neurodissociative brain. Newest research on early tactile deprivation conducted by James W. Prescott, Ashley Montagu, Frederick Leboyer, Michel Odent and others namely shows the correlation between mother-infant affectional bonding, tactile pleasure and breastfeeding for the development of the healthy, neurointegrative brain and the building of peaceful and affectionate behaviors. The most important research results are: Violence is learnt, not inborn, and not part of natural human behavior; Violence is a response of the biosystem to the denial of pleasure/desire; Violence is a collective malfunctioning of a society that replaced love with moralism. The Peace Agenda consists of the following 12 Proposals: 01/12 Crime Prevention 02/12 The Possible Human 03/12 Fostering Public Sanity 04/12 Respecting Natural Intimacy 05/12 Serving Children 06/12 More Public Education 07/12 Free Education 08/12 Politically Neutral Science 09/12 Humanism and Realism 10/12 Promoting Pleasure-Seeking Behaviors 11/12 Male Affection as a Peace Conductor 12/12 Fostering Permissive Education