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Environmental Lawers

environmental lawers
  • Aiming or designed to promote the protection of the natural world
  • of or relating to the external conditions or surroundings; "environmental factors"
  • (environment) the totality of surrounding conditions; "he longed for the comfortable environment of his living room"
  • Relating to or arising from a person's surroundings
  • concerned with the ecological effects of altering the environment; "environmental pollution"
  • Relating to the natural world and the impact of human activity on its condition
  • Lawers is a village situated in rural Perthshire, Scotland. It lies on the banks of Loch Tay and at the foot of Ben Lawers. It was once part of a vibrant farming industry in the area.

Bears in "Cake Tax" Scare
Bears in "Cake Tax" Scare
National Trust 'comfort bears' were shocked this week to hear of proposals to tax foods high in fat, sugar and salt. Said Rose in Macclesfield, "This is typical of the lack of joined up thinking in the government as it completely ignores the environmental impact. Bears have to eat hearty portions of foods rich in calories in the run up to hibernation". Her partner Blue added "This unfairly penalises bears, who, together with bulls, play an important role in the financial services industry. Ursa Major, director of the campaign group 'Li-bear-tea' said "This amounts to cultural discrimination against Brown Bears, who eat chocolate cake as part of their religion, Black Bears who eat Black Forest Gateaux, and Grizzly bears who eat Lemon Grizzle cake. We will be taking this to Europe if necessary and have retained as counsel the bears' rights lawer Miss Cherie Bear, QC. Gaffe-prone MP, Hazel Bears, said, "Middle-class National Trust bears will be able to afford the tax and if they can't it serves them right for being so toffee-nosed. The tax would be unfair discrimination against feckless, lazy bears with low skills and educational attainment who perform a valuable service in my constituency by returning me to parliament and providing much needed employment for the police and social services." Rose and Blue decided to prepare for hibernation before the new tax came into force
Environmental portrait #2
Environmental portrait #2
English Another environmental portrait, in this case in a country road with Antonella and a beauty classic Volkswagen Beatle. We had to hurry up in order to catch the "golden hour", the best moment of a day in terms of sunlight to take pictures. Espanol Otro retrato ambientado, en este caso en un camino de campo con Antonella y un hermoso escarabajo Volkswagen clasico. Tuvimos que apurarnos para atrapar la hora dorada, el mejor momento de la luz solar para tomar fotografias.

environmental lawers