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Keep ACT relevant! 

Submit your work to the ACT journal

In order for ACT to grow it needs to be relevant. In other words, it needs to meet your needs.  Please share your ideas with us!  Our academic journal, The Constructivist, is one way to share ideas. 

To submit an article contact our editor, Dr. Amy Malkus, at

The Constructivist  is now available online.

Connect to ACT membership

We realize that many of our constructivist colleagues cannot make it to an annual conference so we are working on new ways to connect to membersThese include:

ACT Blog 

In 2010 we initiated the publication of our new ACT bi-monthly newsletter. That Newsletter has gone digital! Check out the ACT Blog                  
  • Interviews with Board member, where you can learn about their backgrounds and what has led them to be leaders in the field.
  • From the Field article, where members can share with us the ways they work with and maintain constructivist practices. This provides a nice non-scholarly vehicle for many of our members to have a voice.
  • a book review from a member, relevant to our constructivist interests and practices.
If you have a story to share from the field please contact our blog editors, Mike Garrett and Kate Chechak.

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Past events of interest

2012 Annual Conference

The community of constructivist educators gathered at East Tennessee State University in October, 2012. Teachers, administrators, and teacher educators from all over the world will share their work related to research, theory and practice. 

For information contact 2012 Conference Chair, Jane Tingle Broderick at

ACT Webinars

We are very excited about our upcoming webinars on topics of interest to our constructivist membership.  For members only.  
  • Our first is webinar was on December 8, 2011 with Pam Evanshen & Janet Faulk on utilizing the elementary classroom environment as a teaching tool; moving from traditional to constructivist practice. 

Books on Constructivism (2008-2012)

Books authored by members

Castle, K. (2012).  Early Childhood Teacher Research: From Questions to Results.  New York: Rougledge.

Evanshen, P. & Faulk, J. (2011).  A Room to Learn: Rethinking Classroom Environments.  Silver Spring, MD: Gryphon House.

Brooks, Jacqueline Grennon. (2011). Science for Growing Minds: Constructivist Classrooms for Young Thinkers. New York: Teachers College Press.

DeVries, R. & Sales, C. (2010).  Ramps and Pathways: A Constructivist Approach to Physics with Young Children. Washington, DC: NAEYC.

Pelech, Jim (2010).   The Comprehensive Book of Constructivist Teaching: From Theory to Practice. Scottsdale, AZ:  Information Age Publishing.

  • From one of our Board Members, containing theory, many constructivist activities, and a short chapter on action research:  

A new e-book version of a classic.

Forman, G. and Hill, F.  Constructive Play:  Applying Piaget in the Preschool.  Amherst, MA: Performanetics Press.

  • This classic book explains why the School for Constructive Play cut holes in tables, duct taped blocks together, suspended pendulums that leaked a trail of sand, and made paint brushes with crooked or doubled handles. These set ups were designed to give 2 to 5 year olds the chance to solve problems based on Piaget's theory of knowledge, learning and development. 202 Pages. 100 plus photographs.
  • sends us updates on new books related to constructivism.  See what you think.

Educational Psychology: An Application of Critical Constructivism (Counterpoints: Studies in the Postmodern Theory of Education) by Greg S. Goodman.


Reconstructing Democracy, Recontextualizing Dewey: Pragmatism and Interactive Constructivism in the Twenty-first Century by Jim Garrison.


Constructivist Theory Applied to Instruction: Success or Failure? by Sigmund Tobias