Is to enhance the growth of all 
educators and students through identification and dissemination 
of effective constructivist practices
in both the professional cultures
of teachers and the learning  environments of children. It is also
to advance educators' understanding
of Piaget's constructivism as a
scientific theory that explains how human beings construct knowledge and moral values.

Is open to anyone who is interested
in the field of education. ACT 
Members are classroom teachers, administrators, supervisors,
consultants, college and university personnel, students, parents and 
retired educators.  They live all over
the USA and in Mexico, Japan, 
Australia, Canada, Brazil, and China.

An educational e-journal and 
journal archive.   

Annual Conference

Discounted registration fee and early notice of call for presenters.

Our first webinar was a success. Please stay tuned for future offerings.

 with an association 
committed to supporting you