The Salem Public Library and Assistance League of Salem work together to promote literacy through the R.E.A.D Program.  The R.E.A.D Program helps connect children with books.

The objectives of the R.E.A.D Program are:

1. To give each first grade child in Salem their first library card.

2. To make children aware of the many resources available through our public library.

3. To encourage them to bring their families to visit the library.

The Assistance League fundraisers help purchase books used on the Bookmobile and pay for the costs of driving the Bookmobile to the schools. R.E.A.D stands for Read, Enjoy, Achieve, and Develop.

We have two different programs:  Summer R.E.A.D and Winter R.E.A.D.

The Summer R.E.A.D program brings the Bookmobile to the migrant education program at Bush Elementary School. We serve students in Kindergarten through grade five.

The Winter R.E.A.D program brings the Bookmobile to all 44 Salem-Keizer elementary schools. Each first grade student is allowed to check out a book and is encouraged to return it to the library with their family.  The books that are not returned are picked up at the school 30 days later by our Assistance League Volunteer and returned to the library

We also provide prizes for the students when they bring back their books to the library.

It takes over 50 volunteers contributing their time and energy to this very worthwhile project of introducing Salem-Keizer first graders to the Salem Public Library and the Bookmobile.