Puppets with Purpose

Assistance League offers puppet performances to grades K-3, in Salem-Keizer Schools and donates a literature book to each classroom to reinforce the skills learned in follow-up activities after the performances.

We offer performances on bullying situations and healthy food and exercise habits,

Annually we served approximately 3,500 students in Salem-Keizer Schools, and we welcome requests from K-3 teachers.

Our puppeteers use a form of puppetry called Bunraku. The puppeteers are dressed in black and become shadows behind their puppet.  As our puppets come to life, children identify with the puppets’ problems in the scripts. The performance become visual situations that give students some solutions.

Teachers may contact Assistance League of Salem (503-364-8318 or office@assistanceleaguesalem.org) to request arrangement of a performance date.

History:  In a cooperative program originated in 1982 by a local counselor and past principal through a grant, Salem-Keizer Schools have been served since 1987 with performances by Assistance League of Salem. The first puppet programs, under the title of Kids on the Block, were in response to The Education of All Handicapped Children Act. Over the years, scripts have been developed on a wide range of social and healthl issues. The chapter decided to break connection with the Kids on The Block program and to rename our team Puppets with Purpose. This new title better fits our desire to help students address important issues.

Puppets with Purpose

Teachers have sent back the following comments after our performances:

“Thank you for addressing what a good bystander does for bullying and that girls are bullied also.”

“Students requested taking the bookmarks out to recess to help them solve problems."

“I know the presentation was a success because my students used the words they learned in the script.”

“The puppets were able to capture their attention bringing deeper meaning into the messages taught.”

“Your book Just Kidding helped two of my students see how words they were using hurt others.”

“Kids loved the puppet presentation and we talked about choices they could make in their snacks.”

“Bullying is a very real issue that many kids have witnessed or experienced.

“Kids love the bookmarks and look for the book you left with me when we are reading in class.”

“Thank you for tailoring the presentation for the needs of my students in Life Skills Classroom.”

“The bookmarks went home with students and I plan to use them at conferences to reinforce info.”