Operation School Bell

2010-2011 Operation School Bell Service
What an extraordinary year for Operation School Bell and the Robertson Dental Program!

In the 2010-11 school year:

  • OSB provided 2,911 students with clothing, shoes and hygiene kits 
  • Assistance League of Salem volunteers participated in the dental screening of 3,454 students at nine area schools.
  Dianne Wisser and I want to thank you for the many volunteer hours you contributed to these two programs.
Charlotte Rieder-Bolton, OSB Chairman 2011-2012

Operation School Bell is the largest philanthropic program of Assistance League of Salem. Through this program a student may receive:

·   2 pairs of jeans, sweatpants, or uniform pants

·   3 shirts or uniform shirts

·   a crewneck sweatshirt

·   a jacket

·   6 pairs of underwear

·   6 pairs of socks

·   A hygiene kit of basic supplies

·   A voucher for a pair of shoes

·   P.E. clothes

We contract with Salem-Keizer Head Start, Salem-Keizer School District and Chemawa Indian School to provide new school clothes for students whose families are struggling financially. Through December of the 2009-2010 school year we have clothed 2,659 students. During the 2008-2009 school year we clothed 2,785 students. Our goal is to promote student self-esteem and encourage good school attendance.

Two school employees approve needy students who will benefit from our program, and the counseling office at their school refers them to our office. We choose clothes from our large inventory, and send them to the students at school.




Operation School Bell


Salem’s Operation School Bell began in 1960 when chapter members collected nice used clothing to deliver to schools. Salem’s Operation School Bell was the second such program formed in the country, and is now a national philanthropic project of Assistance League chapters nationwide. To raise funds for new clothes, a small gift shop was started in 1961. This gift shop has become the Daue House. In 1970 Operation School Bell moved its operations from the basement of the Daue House to the new Carriage House located directly behind the Daue House.

 Diane Wisser, Brandon Raymond, Charlotte Rieder-Bolton, 
Ray Daniel, Carol Marshall, Alan Apodaca  
President Carol Marshall presented the National Operation School Bell award to Mr. Alan Apodaca, JCPenney Salem Store Managerand the JCPenney Corporation at the Annual Meeting at Illahe May 19, 2011..

This national award was given by the National Board in recognition of Mr.Apodaca’s ongoing support of Assistance League of Salem. The award is intended to honor those who, through significant financial,in-kind or service support, have a direct, powerful and positive effect on Operation School Bell in a chapter’s community.

In 2006 Assistance League of Salem asked Mr. Apodaca and JCPenney to partner with the chapter to provide clothing, shoes and backpacks for sixty elementary school students. The children were thrilled to have attention from the “men in suits.” In addition to the local support of that first shopping spree, the chapter’s Operation School Bell program received a donation from the corporate office of $2,500. With Mr. Apodaca’s continued support, Assistance League of Salem has been able to expand the shopping nights from one to five, clothing 300 middle school children in need.

This award will be listed with the other National Operation School Bell Award winners on the national website at assistanceleague.org. Brandon Raymond and Ray Daniel representing JC Penney also attended the Annual Meeting with Mr. Apodaca.