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Salem Chamber Names Distinguished Service Award recipients. Congratulations, Kathy and Ron Kelemen, recognized as "some of the most talented and accomplished men and women working in Salem who dedicate their time and talents to better our community."
(Jan. 2012)

2011 First Citizen's Banquet recognizes outstanding citizens of the community. Recipients are nominated by members of the community and selected by a committee of local business and community leaders.
The recipients of the 2011 Distinguished Service Award are Wallace P. Carson, Jr.; Jim Monaghan; Parviz and Maudie Samiee; and Chuck Swank.
Congratulations to Maudie & Parviz Saimee

, recipients of the 2011 Distinguished Service Award from Salem Chamber of Commerce! "As owners of The Shutterbug, the Samiees have contributed to the Salem community through leadership, volunteer services and donations. Throughout their years in the Salem area, the Samiees have demonstrated compassion as well as financial support for countless nonprofit organizations and worthy causes." Maudie has been a member of Assistance League of Salem since 1990.
Assistance League member Gloria Carson with Wallace Carson as he received the First Citizen award. He has a record of leadership and public service that stretches over five decades. After serving in the Oregon House of Representatives and Senate, he was appointed to t
he O
regon Supreme Court and later elected as Oregon's 40th Chief Justice and served 14 years, making him the longest serving chief justice in Oregon history.
Gloria has been a member of Assistance League of Salem since 1967.

Assistance League member Lorna Monaghan's husband Jim was recognized by
community members as being a terrific father, grandfather, businessman and community leader. Together with his wife, Lorna, the couple continues to demonstrate good citizenship by giving back to the community.
Lorna has been a member of Assistance League of Salem since 1989.
Sunday Profile: Kathie VanRonzelen
Jan. 15, 2011 Statesman-Journal
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Keynote Speaker: B.J. Toewe
(Honorary Associate Member of Assistance League)
"From Dewey Decimal to Google: The Story of the Salem Public LIbrary,"
June 6, 2010 Salem City Club

City Club Board members
Linda Teal & Anita Saalfeld

First Citizen Banquet

First Citizen Banquet Feb. 12, 2009

Drs. Selma & Bud Pierce!
Honored as First Citizens Feb. 12, 2009
Selma has been a member of Assistance League of Salem since 2006.

Libby Yocom
 Annual Meeting May 17, 2012

Congratulations, Mary Helen Socolofsky!

Mary Helen Socolofsky has been an outstanding member of Assistance League for fourteen years. She has served in an important role for every one of those years. After her new Active year, Mary Helen  signed on as Recording Secretary, a very time-consuming job. The next year Mary Helen served as the corresponding secretary, and the following year she was the chair of the Grant committee.
   In 2001 she became involved in the complexity of finances for the chapter. First she served as the Assistant Treasurer, Treasurer, then as the Finance Chair. She was a capable leader of setting budgets and balancing them. Next Mary Helen stepped into the role of Resource Development Chair for the following two years. She and her committee initiated the Community Connections, which is now our Annual Report.
   Time for a break? No. Mary Helen became the President Elect in 2006 and served as a much-loved President the next year. These two years were followed by two more years sharing her leadership with the Membership Committee. At this time, she and the committee designed flexible plans and worked hard to implement a member-friendly approach for all members.
   Still without missing a beat, Mary Helen assumed the chair of Strategic Planning. Her report shared at the Annual Meeting speaks of the excellence of leadership she has given this committee. I have been on several of these committees with Mary Helen and have seen the special touches she brings to meetings. There are always delicious goodies and a well-prepared agenda and a great respect for the opinions of all.
   Mary Helen, we honor your complete and dedicated service to Assistance League of Salem and cherish the lovely person you are.
             Carol Marshall, President, 2010-2011

Congratulations to Glenda Jones, 
a member of Assistance League Salem 
for 45 years

Congratulations, B.J. Toewe:
Salem Public Library Director 
Feb. 6, 2010

(Photograph courtesy of Salem Public Library)

B.J. has been an Honorary Associate of Assistance League Salem since 1990

With B.J.'s guidance, we began our R.E.A.D.™ Program  partnership with the Public Library in 1984. R.E.A.D. has encouraged many thousands of Salem-Keizer students to become library users and readers!

Assistance League's Past First Citizens
1979 Joanne Thearle Honorary Associate Member
1994 Sue MillerHonorary Associate Member
1996 Marv Abeene Advisory Council 
& Advisory Council Member (Deceased)
2000 Vickie Berger Honorary Associate
2003 Anna Peterson Honorary Associate
2005 Gladys Blum  Honorary Associate Member
2008 Kathy & Dar Goss Sustaining Member
2010 Selma & Bud Pierce Active Member

Assistance League's Past
Distinguished Service Award Honorees

1968 Jane Armpriest Sustaining Member
Harriett Hammer  (Deceased)
1974 Shirley Hadley, Sustaining Member
1977 Delia Miller, Sustaining Member
1978 Hattie Bretzel Kremen (Deceased)
1983 Mary Reinke, Sustaining Member
1986 Jerri Bryce Sustaining Member
1987 Sharron SeidemanSustaining Member
1988 Lorraine Van Ausdell (Deceased)
1992 Glenda Jones, Active Member
1995 Nadine Gaiser, Active Member
1996 Alicia Bonesteele Sustaining Member
2003 Ruth Hewitt, Honorary Associate Member
2005 Gayle Calderazzo, Honorary Associate Member
2011 Maudie & Parviz SaimeeService Associate
2012 Kathy and Ron Kelemen Active member