Welcome to John F. Kennedy High School!

After School Safety and Enrichment for Teens 
(ASSETs) Program

Our Mission

The ASSETs Program is a new approach to the typical after school program. Bringing new meaning to "hanging out after school," ASSETs offers academic, athletic, and cultural  classes geared to nurture and enrich students' academic and leadership potential.

Funded by 21st Century Learning Grants by California Department of Education,  the after school program delivers a wide variety of programs to all students enrolled at Kennedy High School, free of charge.

Sound good? Swing by room B-8 to pick up your registration form today! 

For more specific information about our after school programs, please take a look at our Informational Video and  enrichment schedule.
Out of School Time (OST) Program Hours
0 period
M - F: 0 period 7:18 am - 8:13 am
  • Drama for Beginners
  • Student Government
  • Competitive Speech and Debate
  • AVENTA Credit Recovery
7th period
M, T, W and F  3:16 - 4:11 pm

Please see B-8 for an updated list of 7th period course offerings.

Extended Library Hours, Homework Lab Computer Lab B-17 & Tutoring Center B-15
M-Th open at 3:15 to 5:30pm
Fridays close at 5:00pm

*A current student ID is required in order to check into the library and computer lab after school.
Supper is offered every day for students who are enrolled in the ASSETs Program. The Supper is in accordance with the CDE and SCUSD's healthy snack guidelines.

How Do I Enroll in the ASSETs Program?
Enrollment into the ASSETs Program is easy!

Visit room B-8 to speak with the ASSETs Program Manager, Ms. Yang to find out which program or 7th period is best for you.

An ASSETs registration form is required for all students to participate. The form is available in hard copy in room B-8 or at the link below, and return it to room B-8 or to your ASSETs teacher.