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Colleges and their departments are creating new ways of communicating program goals to students.  When students have program information in an accessible format, they can make decisions in accordance with their budgets, interests, and professional aspirations. 
With over three hundred programs and thousands of courses across the university, each with a unique approach and methodology, it always a challenge for programs to get all pertinent details out to students in an ever-changing environment.  
The College of Science and Technology is establishing a new standard of best practice at Temple by creating an accessible format for reaching students.  Their website is designed to give students easy access to programs, their goals, course scheduling flow charts, undergraduate bulletins, and course descriptions--all in one easy to ready page. 
See other examples of great assessment and use of websites at Temple!  Great Examples of Assessment and Use of Websites at Temple

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Blackboard Outcomes

To learn more about reporting your assessment activity please go to the  Blackboard Outcomes welcome page on this site:

Library Resources

When figuring out how best to do assessment in your program, it is natural for faculty to want to do research.  Toward that end, we have created a page that will send you on a shortcut to articles, books, search engines, and RSS feeds that will expedite your research.  See the site at


Teaching and Learning Center

The Teaching and Learning Center works with the Office of the Deputy Provost to support faculty working on through the steps of the assessment cycle.  From rubric creation, syllabi construction, assignment design, and creating course objectives, the Center's resident experts can save you time and help you get the results you want.  Visit their site

Measurement and Research

The Measurement and Research Center (MARC) provides accurate and cost-effective service to the Temple community in the areas of test development, test selection, test administration, test scoring, statistical analysis, educational research, data entry, and automated data capture.

  • MARC develops, administers, and maintains a variety of educational testing programs to provide reliable and valid measures of students' aptitudes, abilities, and proficiencies.
  • MARC is responsible for scoring, reporting scores, and maintaining records for a variety of testing programs.
  • MARC provides faculty, students, and administrators with educational support in the areas of test construction and evaluation, faculty evaluation, research, and data capture.
  • MARC provides guidance in the selection and development of measurement instruments for University testing programs and in the construction of classroom examinations.
  • MARC assists in the development of data collection instruments, provides assistance in designing research projects, and produces research reports.
  • MARC provides optical scanning and key data entry services to support the University's Placement Testing, mid-semester and final grade processing, classroom examination processing, faculty and course evaluation, and research data capture programs.