APP and Assessment in Foundation Subjects (KS3)

In 2009 QCDA was involved in developing support materials and exemplification of National Curriculum Levels in all foundation subjects. These materials were published by QCDA in June 2010. These materials model good assessment practice as well as simply providing an example of assessed work. For instance, they illustrate how level descriptions must be broken down into their different and discrete aspects of performance for assessment purposes. They illustrate how teachers have identified different types of evidence to assess different aspects of performance. The materials also illustrate how assessment takes place over time through different stages of an extended project, building up a profile of the student's achievements. Only when an appropriate range of assessments have been made is there any attempt to draw these together to define a summative 'level'. These materials directly challenge the unhelpful practice of 'levelling' individual pieces of work or the student every 3 weeks.

The materials published in this site were developed as part of this programme and were designed to support assessment practice which has come to be known as APP (Assessing Pupil Progress). In fact APP can also be seen simply as good Assessment for Learning. It may be that now that QCDA is to be abolished and that Quango's and government websites are being cut this guidance material will never be published by the DfE. This would be a shame because the materials were developed by excellent teachers who were committed to improving assessment practice. They are important in developing and illustrating good assessment.

The Handbook and the separate Subject Guidelines and Assessment Sheets developed for each foundation subject can be found on the subject pages of this site. These pages also contain links directly to the QCDA subject pages containing the exemplification materials. They should be read together. The main handbook is also available for download below.