Embedded Questions

"Embedded assessment is a process whereby a faculty member consciously, esplicitly and systematically monitorw whether or not students are meeting the core curriculum goals in a specific core curriculum course. Assessment items are incorporated into existing exaluative instruments (e.g. exams, quizzes, short papers) already being administered in a course." Report on the Embedded Assessment Pilot Project (2005). http://www.usi.edu/libarts/uccore/assessment/Core-EmbeddedAssessment-ReportontheEmbeddedAssessmentPilotProject_9-26-05.pdf
"Questions that are related to program learning outcomes are embedded within course exams. It is a means of gathering information about student learning that is built into and a natural part of the teaching-learning process." Assessment Toolbox. http://global.cscc.edu/assessment/Glossary.shtml