Rubrics are really context-dependent. The purpose for developing the portfolio will determine how a rubric is constructed. Are you evaluating the technology use? The reflection? The selection of artifacts? The actual artifacts included in the portfolio? Here are some links to ePortfolio rubrics:


Rubrics for Assessment, University of Wisconsin-Stout, School of Education
Dr. Barrett's links on rubrics - Dr. Barrett's links on assessment
Multimedia Elements - Evaluating the ePortfolio, an early attempt at building rubrics for ePortfolios (Barrett, 1999)
ePortfolio Stage 2 & Stage 3 Rubrics (adapted from Barrett, 1999 - focuses on technology)
ePortfolio Stage 4 Rubric (adapted from  Barrett, 1999 - focuses on technology)
ePortfolio Stage 5 Rubric (adapted from  Barrett, 1999 - focuses on technology)

K-12 Schools

Tammy Worcester's ePortfolio Rubric (developed using HyperStudio)
Kent School District (WA) Portfolio Scoring Rubric (1999) See Attachments below
PHSchools ePortfolio Rubric (2001) See attachments below - Another online version (PDF)
State-Endorsed North Carolina Graduation Project Rubrics and Descriptors (DOC)
ePortfolio Rubric (Hawaii Department of Education)
ePortfolio Rubric (Hawaii Tokai International College)

Higher Education & Teachers

Internship Capstone Rubric
St. Mary's College of Maryland Full Time Internship Portfolio Scoring Tool
Carole Derham's NETS-T Meta-Rubric for Teacher Education (Digital Diagnostic Portfolio)
Portfolio Web Page Rubric - from University of Arizona (1999) See Attachments below
University of Wisconsin-Stout Teaching Portfolio Rubric
A Generic Rubric for Evaluating ePortfolios
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