The Executive Committee of the Assemblies of God of Singapore has appointed me to be the Archivist since 2011.  On 6 April 2011, I set up a committee of three to launch the A/G of Singapore Archives Ministry.  Though the groundwork of the A/G Archives has been laid for the last few years, this Archives Ministry has not been fully publicized and underused.  The Archives Committee was a working committee consisting of Rev Dr Andrew Ong, Rev. Philip Chan and Vincent Lim. Later, the committee was dissolved except the Archivist.


What is this Archives Ministry?  This is a ministry set up to collect, maintain and publicize the history of the Assemblies of God in Singapore.  In the early days of the Assemblies of God in Singapore, the pioneers and the members of the AG constituency were more concerned for the work rather than to record the AG history.  After 90 years of AG history, it is time to establish the Archives Ministry and to consolidate all the efforts of those who have done some researches of the early history of the Assemblies of God in Singapore.

What are the purposes of the Archives Ministry?  

First, we plan to collect all available materials of the past history of the Assemblies of God in Singapore. This includes the photos, slides, documents, audio and visual clips, yearbooks, magazines and any materials of the Assemblies of God denomination, institutions and churches.  We are appealing to the Senior Pastors, church leaders, pioneers and others to help to donate and collect old meaningful photos and resources for the Archives Ministry.  If you need help to scan your photos and documents, please contact us.

Second, the Archives Ministry will compile an inventory of available resources of the Archives Ministry.   The inventory may include helpful materials not available in the general public.  This will help researchers in discovering and cherishing the roots of the Assemblies of God of Singapore.

Third, an Assemblies of God Archives centre has been set up.  For a start, this centre is now situated in ACTS College, the Assemblies of God of Singapore Bible College Library as it is more accessible.

Fourth, the public and the constituents of the Assemblies of God should be aware of the Archives Ministry.  This is to be publicised in the gathering of the Assemblies of God united meetings such as the AGM.  The Archives Ministry website (http://sites.google.com/site/assembliesofgodsgarchives/) has been launched for the public and members in the Assemblies of God to know the official history of the Assemblies of God in Singapore. There is a link in the AG of Singapore website (http://ag.org.sg/) to the Archives Ministry website.

To set up an Archives Ministry, many hands are needed to help in one way or another.  You can help in collecting historic materials.  You can volunteer your time and effort to interview, scan, write, organise, collect photos or videos and perform many other activities.  Contact the us and volunteer in whatever area you can contribute. Your effort will go a long way!

Rev. Dr. Andrew Ong
Assemblies of God of Singapore Archivist