Best Makeup For Mature Women : Pink Eyeshadow Makeup.

Best Makeup For Mature Women

best makeup for mature women
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best makeup for mature women - Staging Your
Staging Your Comeback: A Complete Beauty Revival for Women Over 45
Staging Your Comeback: A Complete Beauty Revival for Women Over 45
Known as The Makeover Guy ® from his appearances on The Oprah Winfrey Show and other national television programs, Christopher Hopkins believes that as they age, women become more beautiful but often feel less attractive. He's out to change that. For more than twenty years he's encouraged women who often feel like they' have taken a backseat to everything and everyone else to come out of the shadows and take center stage. Now it's your turn. Using Christopher's step-by-step strategies and detailed advice,you will learn to:

Restore your hair with your ideal cut, color, and style.
Revamp your wardrobe to flatter a changing body.
Refresh your face with 'visible lift' makeup techniques.
Renew your spirit and maintain your look using Christopher's revival guide.

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IRAN : Under Iran's Islamic law, consuming alcohol is forbidden and is usually punished
IRAN : Under Iran's Islamic law, consuming alcohol is forbidden and is usually punished
Islamic Republic of Iran and Penal Codes Restructuring society on the basis of violence and sexual apartheid What the clerics ruling Iran call an Islamic society and government denotes an underlying model that in two decades has brought about huge upheavals in the political, cultural, legal and ideological structures of Iranian society. This model can best be described by its two principal features: An administration based on naked repression and violence, and a society based on inequalities of gender, religion, politics and reinforced by a steadily widening class divide. The penal system is one of the main instruments for installing and sustaining such a society and administration. In this article I will confine myself to four different aspects of the Islamic Penal Codes known as qesas, ta’zirat, hodoud, and diyat, which I will define as we come to them. The main ideas developed in the article consist of three points: 1. The theoretical foundation of the Islamic Penal Codes is a social model based on sexual apartheid. The chief elements of this model are first: a belief that women are deficient in their natural and “innate” potentials and abilities, including their psychological-makeup and intellectual capacity. Second, a belief in a social and family order where men must be guardians over women, and women must submit. Third, a belief in an unequal system of rights and consequently, wherever the question of the reproduction of such an order is concerned, of a system of punishment that is also unequal. 2. The Islamic Penal Codes are based on violence in its most primitive forms. These not only authorise organised state violence, but encourage male violence against women within the family and in society. 3. While the Islamic Penal Codes have born down a tremendous injustice on the women of our country, they have also been an area where women have stood up against the regime in every possible shape, with some victories to their credit. It is no exaggeration to claim that women have inflicted the greatest defeats on the regime in the realm of culture and “public morality and chastity” and its symbol: the Islamic dress code (hejab). By their persistent and fierce resistance women have in fact made the complete execution of the law of Islamic ta’zirat impossible. What are these codes which give legal shelter to sexual apartheid? Through these laws women are not just second class citizens, half a man, but at times their very existence is disregarded. Someone pointed out that our women have managed to achieve equality in one field only: equal right to imprisonment, exile, torture, being killed, and now being slaughtered [1]. In fact in the Islamic Penal Codes, Iranian women have the unenviable distinction of having a greater share of punishment. Let us first examine the question of liability to punishment. Punishments Article 49 exempts children from punishment. Addendum 1 to this article defines a child as someone before puberty. But in the civil law puberty for boys is 15 and for girls 9 lunar years (article 1210, addendum 1). So girls come of age for punishments six years before boys. This is particularly striking since in everything else such as inheritance, custody over children, marriage, divorce, ownership, travel, giving witness etc women are considered delicate creatures in need of protection by men. But when it comes to being punished, suddenly they are more mature and responsible for their actions. Less rights, more punishment. One can imagine a situation where a boy of 14 and a girl of 9 steal. According to the law she would lose four fingers of her right hand for first offence (article 201), her left foot for the second offence, prison for third and execution for the fourth! He would go scott free. Book 2 of the Islamic Penal Codes is devoted to hodoud (pleural of hadd). Hadd is defined as “a punishment in which its form, extent and character is defined in sharia’ laws” (article 13). Article 134: “If two unrelated women appear naked under a cover without cause, they will be punished (ta’azir) with less than 100 lashes. If they repeat this act [despite] a repeat ta’zir, on the third occasion each will receive 100 lashes.” There is no male equivalent of this law. Qazf means to accuse someone of adultery or sodomy. While the normal punishment for “qazf” is a hadd of 80 lashes (Article 139), if a father or paternal grandfather accuses their child of “qazf” they will be given the lesser punishment of ta’zir (article 149). The mother, however, is excluded from this reduced punishment. Sexual apartheid is also the underpinning principle in the penal coded dealing with the second category of crimes: qesas. Qesas is defined as “a punishment where the criminal’s sentence must be equivalent to their crime”. In the West this is commonly referred to as “an eye for an eye”. Article 209 states that if a man deliberately murders a Muslim woman then before he is receives qesas punishment the
Ruffa Gutierrez - Dazzling Shoes July 2010
Ruffa Gutierrez - Dazzling Shoes July 2010
Ruffa Gutierrez loves to shop for shoes that compliments her outfit and style. STAR BYTES By Butch Francisco (The Philippine Star) July 10, 2010 12:00 AM Oh, I knew Ruffa as a pre-teen balikbayan in 1986. The lovely features were already in place (like most of her siblings, she inherited all the good traits of parents Eddie Gutierrez and Annabelle Rama), but the awkwardness was still there. But by 1988, she began to blossom into a beauty and I know that we keep in our family albums this photo of hers where she poses with my niece Micheline and nephew Mikel, both still in pre-school then. They were just at home and Ruffa didn’t have a tinge of makeup and was sporting a simple pair of jeans. She was already starting to make a name for herself as a juvenile female lead and was considered one of the loveliest young faces in her generation. Little did I know that she was going to be even more beautiful much, much later. In 1993, we found ourselves both working out at the now-defunct Excellance gym owned and operated by Telly Garcia, Lorna Tolentino’s best friend. She was joining Binibining Pilipinas that time and one instructor told me that she still had baby fat at the back. Then, work around that! It was like a barking order and the instructor couldn’t understand why I was so concerned with Ruffa — fully unaware of our family ties. Looking back, Ruffa’s physique wasn’t really a hundred percent perfect when she went to Miss World. I didn’t get to watch that pageant where she was named Second Princess since it was beamed live via satellite to Manila in the morning. But ask any objective Filipino beauty watcher and they will all tell you that Ruffa that time was far, far more beautiful than the first-runner-up — and even the one who won the title. Ruffa had since focused more on hosting and she’s wonderful at it. I knew she had it from the beginning — having worked with her during the opening night of the Miss Universe pageant in Manila in 1994 (she was the anchor and I did a segment in the middle of the program). There were also two weeks when she pinched-hit for Cristy Fermin (she figured in a vehicular accident and had to be hospitalized) in the same year during those Showbiz Lingo days. Now, together they host Paparazzi with Dolly Ann Carvajal and Mo Twister. Maybe it’s her attitude toward problems that helps buoy her up. In the process she learns from life’s little challenges and has helped her mature — turning her into a woman of substance. No wonder she had become even more beautiful not only on the outside and in the inside (in her heart), but also up there in her head. She had finally become her own woman. And oh what a beautiful woman.

best makeup for mature women
best makeup for mature women
Makeup for Ageless Beauty: More than 40 Colorful, Creative Looks for Women 40 and Over
In Makeup for Ageless Beauty, internationally renowned makeup artist Linda Mason shares her creative techniques for using makeup to look and feel your best, at every age, every day, to suit every mood and occasion.

Linda begins with how to take care of and prepare skin for makeup, create a fresh and beautiful canvas for the rest of your look, and use color on eyes, cheeks, and lips. She then presents more than 40 original makeup looks in three categories—Subtle, Glamorous, and Creative—all illustrated with detailed sketches.

Featuring beautiful women from all walks of life, including such supermodels and celebrities as Anna Bayle, Brooke Shields, Carol Alt, Frederique van der Wal, Joan Jett, Kim Alexis, Paulina Porizkova, and Veronica Webb, Makeup for Ageless Beauty will show you how to makeup beautifully for the rest of your life.

“I’ve worked with Linda several times over the years, starting with a Vogue shoot when she first arrived in New York. I’m amazed at the variety of different looks she’s created for me—they always let me shine through.”
—Isabella Rossellini