Hall of fame (android apps)

Here I about to list my favorite apps.

A very useful app for anybody how want to keep tracks of his exercise and activities a lot of features, and a very good support

A great app to save your passwords and generate a random one, very simple app that work great. 

After I publish my first app, I thought to build a management tool for apps developers, and then I discover Andlytics with brilliant GUI, great features, perfect for developers.

Wow, simple elegant clean and work perfect, sync files between your device and pc.

Linux & Unix users must have, great ssh client.

Simple apps to sync folders automatically to your Dropbox account, not the best GUI, I use it to sync my photos to my computer and it is great.
I try a few apps before I choose that one, most of the app had a crashes and FC issues, that is the first one that work in my phone for over a 2 month with no problems.

There are thousands of settings apps in the market after a lot of try and error I find QuickSettings the most convenient one, no fancy GUI or a lot of option but a simple and working one. 

Subsonic Music Streamer

stream every thing from your computer to any kind of device,
work great, 3G and wifi, stream every thing (music and video)
with a lot of configuration option, define users, install stand alone server and etc.
the only word I can say is WOW.
I test also gmote and winamp but this is the first that working with no problems over wifi and 3G.