The table below contains courses I am offering this year, as well as a list of other Yale-NUS courses I have taught in the past. For more information on course offerings in the Psychology major, click here; independent study modules are provided for inspiration.

Current academic year (2018-2019)

Semester 1
On study leave

Semester 2
YSS3215 - Cognitive Psychology
Comprehensive list of full courses

Psychology major
YSS3267 - Lab in Cognitive Psychology
YSS3215 - Cognitive Psychology
YSS3249 - Human Neuroscience
YSS2201 - Understanding Behaviour & Cognition

Common Curriculum
YCC1122 - Quantitative Reasoning
YCC1131 - Scientific Inquiry
YCC1121 - Comparative Social Institutions
List of special courses

Week 7: Stories of Ourselves

2MC independent studies (YIR2311, YIR3311)
Effects of Positive Mental Simulation on Prejudice
The Attentional Aspects of Autism Spectrum Disorder
The Function of the Fusiform Face Area

I supervise empirical student research projects at various levels as well, ranging from undergraduate independent study courses up through PhD advising. Information on such supervision--students and projects--can be found under Research.