I run two semi-independent labs, the Yale-NUS Cognition & Attention Laboratory (YNCA Lab) at Yale-NUS and the Attention, Control, & Training Laboratory (ACT Lab) at SINAPSE. The former consists entirely of undergraduate research associates engaged in behavioral research, whereas the latter includes researchers who use behavioral and neuroimaging approaches. In addition, I supervise and co-supervise graduate and undergraduate students engaged in empirical research projects, particularly the final-year capstone projects.

Yale-NUS Cognition & Attention Laboratory
Internal Canvas site

Current members
Saw Young Ern
Edina Tan

Hajin Hyun (2018)
Elysia Poh (2016-2018)
Koh Xun Quan (2017-2018)
Lingges Rao (2017-2018)
Chong Wen Wei (2017-2018)
Koh Kian Hao (2017-2018)
Chae Woon (Grace) Kwak (2018)
Goh Rui Zhe (2018)
Anjali Kannangath (2018)
Ng Weng Lin (2018)
Kirsten Ho (2018)
Adrian Stymne (2013-2016)
Anjali Hazra (2015-2016)
Clin Lai (2015-2016)
Wang JunYang (2016)
Andy Chen (2013-2015)
John Reid (2014-2015)
Helen Jin (2014-2015)
Roshan Singh (2014-2015)
Denise Ng (2013-2014)
Koh Wei Jie (2014)
Attention, Control, & Training Laboratory

Current members
Obana Takashi (Research Fellow)
Esther Wu (Research Fellow)
Fiona Yong (Research Assistant)

Gwenisha Liaw (Research Assistant, 2015-2019)
Chee Wei Yan (Research Assistant, 2017-2018)
Tan Zhi Yi (Intern, 2018)
Vedanta Attri (Intern, 2016-2017)
Tiffany Chia (Research Assistant, 2014-2016)
Ido Amihai (Research Fellow, 2014-2015)

Image credit: Gwenisha Liaw

Research supervision & co-supervision

Graduate students
Stevia Ng (Master's candidate, 2016-, with Stuart Derbyshire)
Caroline Wong (Master's candidate, 2016-2019, with Stuart Derbyshire)
Obana Takashi (PhD, 2014-2017, with Stephen Lim)

Capstone students
Lingges Rao
Clin Lai (2017-2018)
Glen Koh (2017-2018)
Yong Kai Yi (2017-2018, with Simon Perrault)
Victoria Long (2016-2017, with Stuart Derbyshire)
Kevin Low (2016-2017)
Felicia Tan (2016-2017)
Parag Bhatnagar (2016-2017, with Simon Perrault)

Other undergraduates
Goh Rui Zhe (Special Project in Science)
Alvin Wong (Independent Research Project)
Iris Loh (Psychology Honors Thesis, 2017-2018)
Alicia Chee (Engineering Honors Thesis, 2017-2018, with Thomas Yeo)
Fung Tak Shun (UROPS student, 2015)