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Welcome to A Spiritual Recovery.

A Spiritual Recovery is oriented to serving secularists, humanists, naturalists, realists, rationalists, skeptics, doubters, non-believers, non-theists,
apatheists, agnostics, atheists, non-conformists, freethinkers .... pretty much anyone who is likely to struggle with working a religious program of recovery that contains the words God, Him and His (i.e. the religious 12 Step program).

This is a non-religious group focused on the primary purpose of AA, which is sobriety.  It explores non-religious methods to stay sober (such as the non-religious sobriety methods detailed in the AA Conference Approved Living Sober text) as well as exploring Non-Religious Spirituality, which is not dependant on conscious contact with a deity (i.e. Step 11 of the 12 Steps). Non-religious spirituality is available to those who do not believe in a deity and who do not believe that cultivating a personal relationship with a deity or having conscious contact with a deity is necessary to stay away from the first drink.  

The discussion style of this A.A. group

The discussion / meeting style of this A.A. is not God-centered. We do not have the religious elements found in many A.A. meetings. Religious elements such as reading the religious passage from the Big Book called How It Works at the beginning of the meeting, 'God-talk' during the meeting and closing the meeting with prayer.

We do discuss universal principles -- i.e. honesty, hope, acceptance, etc.-- which can be practiced by anyone as “non-religious spirituality.” These non-religious, universal truths and principles are a part of human experience and history and are available to all, regardless of a person’s religious belief in a deity or lack of belief in a deity.

The non-religious universal spiritual principles are not dependant upon "God as we understood Him" and can be applied to day to day living without His direct assistance and intervention. The group provides conversation and information helpful to anyone who is trying to practice non-religious spiritual principles. Non-religious spirituality is available to anyone.

We offer religious believers a word of caution: This group serves as a place for non-believers to be open and honest with their friends, so some may not find here the respect for the religious 12 Step program or other religious creeds that they may be accustomed to.

Information about the group's meeting format

The group has topic meetings. At any time a volunteer can initiate a topic meeting.  The volunteer posts the topic to the web forum.  Members may respond to the topic whenever they wish.  The web forum is open 24 hours a day x 7 days a week.  In contrast, a walk-in face to face meeting in the local community has a specific meeting time and meeting time duration.  

In addition to the topic meetings, members may start other discussions as well, such as how a person's week is going or concerns, problems and issues which have arisen, whatever might be on their minds.

Members may also tell their story, similar to a speaker meeting.  

Is this a real A.A. group?

Yes! A.A. has a long history of special interest groups. A.A.'s Conference-approved Literature says: 

"Some A.A.s come together as specialized A.A. groups—for men, women, young people, doctors, gays and others."
The A.A. Group ... Where It All Begins, page 12, This is A.A. Conference-approved literature

Is this group's meeting Open or Closed?    It is Closed

No Outside Affiliation

This group is not affiliated with any outside organization.

"Any group of alcoholics gathered together for sobriety may call themselves an A.A. group provided that, as a group, they have no other purpose or affiliation."
The A.A. Group ... Where It All Begins, page 12, A.A. Conference-approved literature

What about Anonymity and Confidentiality?

All of the conversations for this group are private, meaning that the members’ names and messages are not accessible through the general Internet, or to search engines. Because it's private, joining requires an approval by the group administrator (largely a formality). Joining a google group can seem a bit daunting, but it’s very easy. That’s accomplished by clicking below on the "Join" which takes you to the group login where you can click the “Join this Group” button. 

Join the A Spiritual Recovery group

Note: You must first be signed in to your gmail account or google account (for non-gmail users) before google will allow you to join a google group.