Our Farm

We are the fourth family to own our farm.
1855: Our farm was included in NS land grant no. 4223 to John Arenburg.
May 1855.: The farm with the house mentioed was sold to John Henry Kaulbach.
1934:. Eighty years later, Rupert S. Kaulbach sold the house to Isaac Meisner.
2008: seventy-four years later, we bought the farm from the Estate of Antoinette and Stuart Meisner.

We very frequently host wwoofers, Helpx volunteers and international students.
When space is available we also offer farm workshop participants our three bedroom guest suite with  a shared guest bathroom, an arrangement suitable for groups of up to six.

Both stairways to these second floor bedrooms are very narrow and very steep.  And we have two dogs.  

Please see the attached document below for details on rooms and rates.

YouTube Video

Wondering what to do if you stay over a Saturday evening?  How about visiting shops and artisans along the Lunenburg County Fibre Trail, ending with an evening meal at Rebecca's in Mahone Bay or the Old Fish Facotory in Lunenburg, both about a half hour away.   

If you would like to stay with us on a workshop weekend, please email aspengrovesheep@gmail.com or telephone Jackie at 902 523 3822.

May 27, 2018, 6:59 AM