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Tweedy Longwool Blend Yarn

Our tweedy longwool blend is machine spun semi-worsted 2-ply from our own Romney (72%) Lincoln (24%) and Romney-Lincoln-Finn cross (4%) sheep fleece.  It is 25% lambswool.   
Kettle dyed or naturally coloured from 33% silver/brown 67% white wool.  

On 5 mm needles, 17 stitches, 24 rows = 10 cm / 4” square.

Available in single skeins or cakes, in 36 ounce sweater packs, and as 8 ounce samplers (four colours in 2 oz skeinlets).  
Pattern ideas: felted slippers, felted hatssweaters using similar machine spun yarn 

Coming soon - pattern for these Lunenburg County barn sweaters - pullover and cardigan.