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This is Aspect.NET and AOP for TWC book Web site

managed by Vladimir O. Safonov, professor of computer science

Professor Vladimir Safonov's home page


New version of Aspect.NET 3.0 weaver:

version compatible to Visual Studio 2013.

Published – May 31, 2014.

Please see the README file of the distribution for detailed explanations. - aspect library for cloud computing

Aspect.NET 2.2 - a multi-language version of Aspect.NET  shipped, with support of Visual Basic as the second aspect implementation language (Nov 5, 2010).

Now it is possible to implement aspects either in C# or in VB. Version compatible to VS 2005.


Using Aspect-Oriented Programming for Trustworthy Software Development book by V.O. Safonov


Aspect.NET is an aspect-oriented programming framework for Microsoft.NET developed at St. Petersburg University.

Project supported by Microsoft Research in 2002, 2004 and 2006.

Aspect.NET is currently used in 26 countries.

We receive a lot of positive feedback from our customers


Welcome to the world of AOP with our Aspect.NET –

you can download the system, user guide and samples here.


Pre-requisites of using Aspect.NET 2.2


Aspect.NET 2.2 works as add-in to Visual Studio.NET 2005

under Windows XP + SP2 (SP3).


To handle .NET assemblies, Aspect.NET uses Microsoft Phoenix .

Please note that the version Aspect.NET (2.2) with GUI add-in

uses Phoenix RDK March 2007 , not the latest version of Phoenix.

To use this version, please be sure to download and install the appropriate version of Phoenix (RDK, dated March 2007) used in Aspect.NET


The Aspect.NET team is looking for sponsors and customers.

If you’d like to support our project, please contact Vladimir Safonov by email (the reference to my home page is given below)


Aspect.NET team:


     Vladimir Safonov

         Professor of computer science,

         Head of Laboratory

         Scientific advisor and chief architect

      Dmitry Grigoryev

         PhD - Congratulations on dissertation proof 12/17/2009!


        AspectCloud library

      Anastasiya Grigorieva

         PhD student

        AspectCloud library

      Mikhail Gratchev

         PhD - Congratulations on dissertation proof 02/18/2010!

        Aspect.NET Framework and installer; Aspect.log4net logging tool

     Alexander Maslennikov

        PhD student (2005 – 2007)

       Aspect.NET.ML meta-language converter to C#

     Ruslan Mukhanov

         PhD - Congratulations on dissertation proof 12/16/2010!

       AspectRotor – Aspect.NET for SSCLI / Rotor

     Doan Nguyen Van (Vietnam)

        PhD  - Congratulations on dissertation proof 03/01/2012!

        Web programming aspects library

       Web aspect example for this library

     Anna Kogay

        PhD student

       Aspect.NET for design-by contract; Aspect4DBC aspect library

     Igor Evdakov

       Graduate student (2010)

       Visual Basic support: Integration to Visual Studio

     Aibek Sarimbekov

       Graduate student (2010)

       Visual Basic support: Aspect.NET.ML converter to VB.NET


Vladimir Safonov’s book on AOP, Aspect.NET and

their use for trustworthy computing   


To get up to date with AOP, Aspect.NET and their use for trustworthy

software development, we recommend to order the new

Professor Safonov’s book, published at Wiley Interscience

in June 2008.

Got interested? Please order the book at Amazon .


Aspect samples from the book


Here are the archives with Visual Studio.NET 2005 solutions

for samples used in the book.

You can download them and use to learn AOP and Aspect.NET:



Atomic - Section 4.4

DnsPermission - Section 4.2

ErrorCodes - Section 4.3

ExceptionHandling - Section 4.3

Logging - Section 4.7.2

Performance - Section 4.11.1

Performance1 - Section 4.11.3

Privacy - Section 4.6

Synchronization - Section 4.4


Aspect.NET papers:


3.pdf - .NET Developer's Journal, 2003

4.pdf - .NET Developer's Journal, 2004

5.pdf - .NET Developer's Journal 2005

A83-full.pdf - .NET Technologies 2006, Pilsen, Czech Republic

1.4912564.pdf - ICNAAM / SCLIT 2014, Rhodes, Greece