November 13, 2009
Texas Hold'em Scholarship Fundraiser

November 11, 2009
Ralph Van Vliet, Peter Kiewit Sons' Co
Estimating and Bidding the New
Baseball Stadium

September 16, 2009
Mark Warneke, OPS
Saddlebrook Mixed Use Project Evaluation

September 2009 Meeting a success!
Chapter Member Steve Rice offers the following review of the meeting:

The September ASPE meeting was held September 16, 2009 at Grisanti’s Italian Restaurant.   A large group of members and guests were present to hear a presentation by Mark Warneke, Director of Buildings and Grounds for Omaha Public Schools, on the new Saddlebrook Joint Facility/school. 

The Saddlebrook Joint Facility project is a collaborative effort between the Omaha Public Schools, Omaha Public Library and City of Omaha Parks and Recreation for a community based public use facility.  The design of the Saddlebrook Joint Facility represents a joining of diverse entities and services into a single dynamic whole.  This facilitates cooperation in reaching goals, teaching lessons and shows lifelong learning / fitness in action.  The 111, 056 SF facility is organized around a central “Commons” hub, which services as the circulatory and symbolic center of the building.  Views from all three administration or information desks provide excellent visibility of the Commons activities and approaches. The building opened for the 2009-2010 school year. 

The new facility is the first of its kind to provide common use areas while isolating the three different users from each other when needed for the security of all users and students.

The building was designed with “Green” in mind.  Part of the roof is alive, it has plants living on a portion to help reduce cooling and heating cost over the life of the building.  In addition the building is heated and cooled using heat pumps and a geo-thermal well field system similar to many of the area schools.

We heard from Mark about the challenges that were faced trying to bring three separate governmental agencies together.  Mark remembered the Ah-ha moment when the individual agencies started to think about how a decision would affect the other two partners before thinking about their own needs.  Marked discussed the design process and how usability of the building and security had to be at the top of the list as the design evolved.

The facility is located at 14850 Laurel Avenue which is northwest of 144th and Fort Streets and open to the public.