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Our syndicate and investor partners have helped companies capture and DOMINATE their market share- from start-up to Fortune 500 level- for the last 15 years. We have proven Case Studies with results that far exceed anyone in our profession, we have accelerated companies going public on the NASDAQ, and one of our previous agencies was acquired by a NYSE firm. We are a Venture Capital-backed agency, and are responsible for increasing a consistent return-on-investment for the most demanding industry leaders.

Our direct BENEFIT to our clients:

Defining and implementing customer acquisition strategies for aggressive and immediate growth
Structuring retention strategies to maintain, cultivate, and procure ongoing revenues from

  • Convention/Event/Trade Show marketing: making your company the star of the show with the media, your industry, and potential customers
  • PR strategies that yield you local and national media coverage, and Press Releases that saturate the Internet and give you the highest visibility in your industry
  • Media Buying that saves you between 15%-75% on every ad, billboard, TV, or other media- while giving you best placement, terms, rights, and extras
  • Creative Graphic & Web Design and Editorial Copy that makes your brand and message unforgettable 
  • Alternative Marketing: from getting your product in Hollywood movies, red carpet parties, celebrity/sports events and endorsements, and other intensity and high-profile participations. We partner, represent, and work with the current top producers and studios in Hollywood; including the top 2014 Academy Award-winning film, a TV production company of one of the most successful reality shows in network history, and equivalent. 

CURRENT DISCLOSURE NOTICE: At this time we cannot accept new or unsolicited clients unless you have been specifically contacted by our organization, it's affiliated entities, or have been directly referred and qualified by us. 

If you meet the requirements foregoing, you can contact us at: asocietymarketing <at> gmail.com for further details and contact. 

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