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1.Lisa Lefebvre-France
2.Bastien Servignat-France
3.Hatice Tekin-Turkey
4.Tenzile Bilici-Turkey
5.Clarisse Godinho-Brazil
6.Fabricio Povoa Alexandre-Brazil
7.Lokanth Sahoo-India
8.Kuleswar Majhi-India
9.Gabriel Lopez-Brazil
10.Renan Tadeu-Brazil



 Between March 1st- September 30rd, 2013 it will take place the selection for volunteers for the project “Sport for tolerance”. 

The volunteers candidates profile is:
- Age between 18-30 years.
- Balanced number of girls and boys.
- Young people interested in working with young people from rural Roma communities.
- Young people with fewer opportunities, facing economical obstacles.
- Young people who show creativity, spontaneity and desire to work in an intercultural environment. 

The project "Sport for tolerance" aims to aware the youth about the benefits of the sport, as a way for a healthy lifestyle. This will be done using theoretical and practical methods of non-formal education. The project aims to highlight the importance of associating the sport with spending the free time and to encourage the active participation of young people in society.

Through the project activities, we aim to promote healthy behaviors by promoting the practice of outdoor activities as means for a healthy lifestyle. Also, through the project activities, we aim to encourage the young people to participate actively in the community in which they live through making voluntary actions. The project encourages also the social inclusion of young people with disabilities due to the fact that two members of the implementation team are facing sight deficiencies and one of them is facing social problems. It will be encouraged the participation of young people with medical problems and of those with economic problems because they, being a disadvantaged category, do not have access in the day to day life, to education and training programs for a healthy lifestyle.

The project objectives are line with one of the priorities of the Youth in action program, more exactly: promoting healthy behaviors, in particular by promoting the practice of outdoor activities and sports, as means to promote a healthy lifestyle and to encourage social inclusion and active participation of young people in society.

The candidates are invited to send the Europass CV and the motivation letter at:

In the second stage of the selection, it will be organized also a Skype interview with the candidates.