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Plusminusgalati [+/-galati] is an extension of Cluj iniative to the south-east of the country. The project started in 2010 with a Contest of urban interventions named “The Would be City, Galaţi 2050 episode”. Addressed to young professionals under 35, the contest invites to reactions and visions upon the city, in the same time looking to identify the state of mind of conceiving and approaching the urban project in Romania. The horizon of 2050 introduced the possibility of radical approaches, but also of certain alternatives in dealing with Galaţi in particular and also of the working steps with the Romanian city.

The contest had 20 entries, 9 of them were selected by a national jury to be developed and presented in Galati. The project was promoted as an initiative to raise the general public as well as the local authorities awareness and responsibility about the situation of the town and the necessity of taking urgent measures. The final projects were exhibited in Galati, where the public could cast their vote. A mobile pavillion named - dying city - was the signal of the exhibition.

The initiative is now continuing with an editorial project [The Would Be City - In(her)vent ions in the post-communist urban space] and some events will happen in Galati in June 2012.

Launched in 2009, plusminuscluj [+/-cluj] pogramme is meant as a series of events on the general topic of urban changes aiming to formulate the basis for a future permanent Centre of architecture in Cluj. The first session was held in November 2009, the second in May 2010 and the third one is planned for May-July 2012 [1% Macheta Dorintelor]

December 2009. 16 Eroilor Street (main downtown promenade)

The aim of the project was setting up a pilot center for public information, exhibition and opinion poll on city development over the past 20 years. The project - a joint of 3 initiatives ongoing at that time in Cluj and dealing with bottom-up impact on local urban development - gathered 14 events.

May 2010. 16 Eroilor Street (main downtown promenade)

On the theme of housing and with an event structure: lecture + exhibition + workshop, the goal of the second architecure pilot center was knowledge exchange between Western and Eastern European professionals.
The event gathered 8 activities with guests from Austria, Holland and other cities in Romania.