Hematologic System

 The hematologic system is all about blood. Blood isn’t just a bunch of cells running around inside the cardiovascular system. It requires many vitamins and minerals in order to function properly. But we will get to those in a minute. The cells of the blood are erythrocytes, platelets, and

leukocytes. Erythrocytes are red blood cells. Leukocytes are also known as white blood cells. Platelets are the clotting cells of the blood.  Blood plasma is a mixture of proteins, enzymes, nutrients, wastes, hormones, and gases. All of the cells in blood are produced in the bone marrow, except for platelets. Platelets are the leftover fragments of the dead cells. They are the part of the hematologic system that aid in clotting. Fibrin is the sticky protein that creates a mesh that the platelets stick to. When you pick off a scab, the thing you are picking off is the fibrin and platelets. Leukocytes aid in protecting your body. They are part of the immune system. Erythrocytes carry oxygen to and from muscles. The oxygen attaches to hemoglobin which is attached to the red blood cell. You need different minerals to make this particular system run properly. You need iron. Iron helps hemoglobin attach to the red blood cell. A deficiency in iron is known as anemia. You can get iron from red meats and leafy green vegetables. Vitamin B12 is necessary in the formation of proteins, nucleoproteins and erythrocytes. It is acquired from eating liver, kidney, meat, fish, eggs and milk. Folic acid (vitamin B9 or folacin) is an enzyme needed for forming body proteins and hemoglobin. It is stored in the liver. It is acquired when you eat organ meat, leafy green veggies, beans, nuts, and whole grains.

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