Uday Prakash's Warren Hastings ka Saand

Warren Hastings ka saand is a docu-drama based on Uday Prakash's story by the same name.
Warren Hasting's and his bull are used as mataphorical representations in his fantasy created by the author and recreated on stage by the director- Arvind Gaur . Warren Hasting ka saand is a socio-economic political satire. The play an out and out a farce and is in no sense a historical document.

Uday Praksh has created a fantasy. It is a cruelly humorous statement on governor general Warren Hastings 's adventures in the wonderland that is India. Warren Hasting is funny and burlesque in his engagement with a enigma of India. Warren Hasting interaction with everything around him is insensitive, without a deeper understanding or a sense of belongingness and thus without strength. The play is an representation of modren Warren Hasting's interaction with traditional india.

Warren Hastings' Ka Saand, somewhere carries a very eerie and uncanny semblance to what is happening around us today. Today sensuality and eroticsm have been taken over perversion. Sprituality has benn replaced by fanaticism and fundamentalism. Trade, artisans crafts people have been wiped out by sheer consumerism. Nature is no longer a way from life, it needs protection through slogans of the green movement. Politics today, spells filth and corruption only.
Extraction seems to be the order of the day.But, despite the apathy and insensitivity around, there are some creatures and some movements which do dare to take the bull by its horns and the world by its beard. The play in its content is a tribute to this species which is on the verge of extinction.

In more than one way, Warren Hastings' Ka Saand is a caricature or a humerous literary potrait of in contemporary times.

About the writer

Uday Prakash  is an outstanding contemporary hindi writer.
He is a versatile and creative person - A poet, Fiction writer, Filmmaker and a freelance journalist.
Uday Prakash hails from shahdole Dist. in Madhya Pradesh. He has a long experience in teaching, journalism, administrative service and audio-visual medium.

He has worked in Purvagraha, Dinmaan and Sunday Mail. He has taught Social Journalism at Times Research Foudation also done Academic and Research work at Jawaharlal Nehru University. Worked for Independent Television. He has also worked as scriptwriter for the T.V. cultural magazine "Taana-Baana".
Some of his writings are Suno Kariger, Darayayee Ghoda; Abutar - Kaboutar, Tirich, Palgomra ka scootar. Some of Uday Prakash's major translation works are Romyo Rola Ki Diary, Lal Ghaas Par Neele Ghode.
He has been awarded the Bharat Bhushan agrawal award for poetry. Omprakash Sahitya Sammaan 1982, Shri Kant Verma Smriti Sammaan 1990.
For more info pls visit - http://uday-prakash.blogspot.com/
 Critic says

No historical document but a delightful farce.It is totally different from 
Arvind Gaur 's earlier work. And in years to come when someone writes a thesis on Gaur's work .
Warren Hastings ka Saand will figure as one of the milestones in Arvind's development as a director.Certainly worth a visit.
Romesh Chandra  The Hindu