Harsh Mandar’s Unsuni, scripted by Mallika Sarabhai

Script by Mallika Sarabhai
Directed by Arvind Gaur

based on Harsh Mander’s book
Unheard Voices
                                                                         About the play
Unsuni is a socially relevant and politically deep script by Mallika Sarabhai, based on the Novel "Unheard Voices" by Harsh Mander. In a Society where the success of a handful makes bigger news than the misery of millions, a set of 5 monologues dares to speak out for the mute, the desolate, the chronically ignored...a woefully unloved India,full of People but starved of life.

Unsuni lifts the veil around harsh realities faced by the diversity afflicted people of our country. Street urchins abandoned by society to fend for themselves in the face of adversity; tribal people forced to surrender their honour to repacious land grabbers; scavengers and lepers who have never known the meaning of human dignity are some specific problems addressed by the play. The volatile nature of religious politics coupled with an incompetent judicial structure is also portrayed with grave honesty. In the depiction of all these causes is a common underlying plea for us to open our eyes to the bigger picture, to share that human worth which we for ourselves claim as a right, but deprive others of without justification.

The play overall is an intense reminder of horrors towards which we voluntarily turn a deaf ear. It does not aim to downplay the success of those who do make it to the top, but is a call to the privileged to consider those who deserve equal rights, but lack equal opportunity.
Viren Basoya, Bajrang Bali Singh,Sapna Khatana,Shilpi Marwaha,Arun Khatana,Tanmay Prasad,Puneet Verma,Rashmi Singh, Vivak, Raj Sharma, Mallay Garg,Pankaj,Beena Ray,Rishi Soni, Rachna, Wreicha, Devika, Pankaj,Rajesh Thapa, Alok,Rahul Datta,Amit Choudhary,Trimala,Prakash
Dinesh Dhawan,Parvesh,Saurab Pal,Piyush Priyank, Priyank Dwivedi,Ramesh,Manish Upadhyay, Devika Sharma, Ravi Arora, Aman Mehra ,Hemant Pandey, Arun Rana,Teishul Gaur, Manvir Sansanwal , Asish, Tejaswi Yadav ,Sumit Pawar ...