Past Winners

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Mechanisms- Undergraduate Division

First Place: ORICEPS Origami-Inspired Robotic Forceps
Clayton Grames, Bryce Edmondson, Eric Call, Landen Bowen, Terri Bateman, Brigham Young University

Second Place: 3D-Printable Compliant Control Valve
 –Weston Baxter, Zach Brough, Mitch Hortin, Joshua Kuhn, Jason Lund, Brigham Young University

Third Place: Design of a Flapping Wing Micro Air Vehicle
Jeff Kohler, Ohio State University

Mechanisms- Graduate Division

First Place: Assured Safety Drill with Bi-Stable Bit Retraction Mechanism

Paul Loschak, Hao Pei, and Kecha Xiao, Harvard University

Second Place: Monolithic Two-Degree-of-Freedom Pointing Mechanism ( The Hepta-Flex)

Ezekiel G. Merriam, Brigham Young University

Third PlaceA Contact-aided Composite Compliant Mechanism to Clamp and Stretch Soft Objects

Santosh Bhargav, present online from Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore

Robotics- Undergraduate Division

First Place: Remote Controlled Robotic Firefighting System
Robert Richardson, Christopher Graf, Devon Hall, Matthew Lubaszka, Julianne Rudmann,, College of New Jersey

Second Place: Underactuated End Effector with Novel Linkage System  for Full-Sized Humanoid Robot
Michael Rouleau, Michael Heller, Matthew FrauenthalVirginia Tech

Third Place: Small Autonomous Monitoring Platform for Lakes and Estuaries
Moustapha DiabUche EzechiUniversity of Maryland Eastern Shore

Robotics- Graduate Division

First Place:Quasi-Passive Compliant Stance Control Knee-Ankle-Foot Orthosis
Kamran Shamaei, Yale University
       Second PlaceDevelopment of a Compliant Robotic Arm for Sensitive Manipulation
Nigel Cochran, Worcester polytechnic

Third PlaceGyroscopic Actuator for Turning Humanoid Robots
Andrew Boddiford, Charlie ManionKwan Suk-Kim, Pradeep Radhakrishnan  University of Texas at Austin



Graduate Mechanism Finalists


 Mechanism Division Finalists
 Robot Division Finalists

Mechanisms - Graduate Division

1st Place:  A Large-Displacement Compliant Rotational Hinge (slides, poster)
Robert Fowler
Brigham Young University

2nd Place: A Tri-state Rigid Reversible and Non- Back-Drivable Docking Mechanism for Modular Robotics Applications (slides)
Paul Mubarak
George Washington University

3rd Place:  Adjustable stiffness structure Mechanism Using an Endoskeleton (slides)
Tae Myung Huh and Yong-Jai Park
Seoul National University

4th Place:  Underactuated Passive and Adaptive Gripper using Flexure Buckling (slides, movie)
Gwang-Pil Jung
Seoul National University

5th Place: Zero Stiffness Linear Motion with Large Orthogonal and Out-of-plane Stiffness
Nima Tolou
Delft University of Technology

Robot - Undergraduate

1st Place: Oryx 2.0: A Mobility Platform for Analog Planetary Exploration (slides, movie)
Joseph Amato, Jon Anderson, Thomas Carlone, and Michael Fagan
Worcester Polytechnic Institute

2nd Place: 
Highly-Anthropomorphic-Grasping Under-Actuated Robotic Hand with Naturally Coupled States (slides)
Chi Zhang, Bowen Li, Ye Kuang, and Jian Jin
Tsinghua University

Robot - Graduate

1st Place:  Miniature In Vivo Surgical Robot for Single-Incision Surgery (slides)
Jack Mondry, Thomas Frederick, Eric Markvicka, and Joseph Bartels
University of Nebraska-Lincoln

2nd Place:  A single motor actuated miniature steerable jumping robot (slides)
Jianguo Zhao
Michigan State University

MSU Jumping Robot

3rd Place:  REconfigurable MObile Robot for manufacturing Applications (REMORA) (slides, movie)
Yang Hai

4th Place:  Kraken
Marcello Calisti and Andrea Arienti
Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna, Pisa, Italy


Mechanisms - Undergraduate Division

1st Place:  Zero-Turn Steering Mechanism
Anish Kulkarni,  Kshitij Thavare
Indian Institute of Technology Bombay

2nd Place: C-Force: Compliant Constant-Force Exercise Machine
Landen Bowen, Devin LeBaron, Avinesh Ojha
Brigham Young University

3rd Place: Madras Parallel Manipulator (MaPaMan): A New 3 degree of freedom parallel manipulator with reconfigurable degrees of freedom
R. Arun Srivatsan
Indian Institute of Technology Madras

4th Place:  Quad Air Auto System
Gregory Kurtz
Penn State University

Mechanisms - Graduate Division

1st Place:  The Lens Lift Mechanism
Samuel Wilding and Holly Greenberg
Brigham Young University

T-2nd Place:  Three-Axis large range nanopositioning system
Shiladitya Sen, John Ustick
University of Michigan

T-2nd Place:  DoF spatial restraint mechanism for cells
Greg Teichert
Brigham Young University

Robot - Undergraduate Division

T-1st Place:  The Hybrid Under-actuated Humanoid Robotic Hand with Coupled and Self-adaptive Grasping
Jie Sun, Bowen Li, Guoxuan Li
Tsinghua University

T-1st Place:  Design of a Novel Under-Actuated Gripper Mechanism for a Humanoid Robot which Utilizes a Cam and Torsional Spring,
Coleman Knabe, Mark Umansky, Dante Branch, Justin Siegel
Virginia Tech

2nd Place:  All-terrain Robotic Base
Chuan Cai Zou, Rui Wang, Nan Qin
Stony Brook University

Robot - Graduate Division

1st Place:  Miniature, Controllable Flapping Wing Robot
Slava Arabagi, Lindsey Hines
Carnegie Mellon University

2nd Place:  Controllable Magnetic Micro-Robots for Versatile Fluidic Manipulation of Micro-Objects
Eric Diller, Zhou Ye
Carnegie Mellon University

3rd Place:  RAIL: Robotic Arm for Interactive Learning
Kenan Cole, Omar Gilani, Chad Gilman, Hasan Goktas, Samudra Haque, Zhou MA, Paul Moubarak, Jacalyn Ouellette,
Will Rone, Sharath Sharathi, Jon Torrey, Edwin Zambrama
The George Washington University


Mechanisms - Undergraduate Division

1st Place:  Design of a device for raising, lowering, and transporting a disabled individual with limited lower body strength
Thomas Galeotafiore, Justin Miles, Jeffrey Renert
State University of New York at Stony Brook

2nd Place:  Assisted Lift Mechanism (slides)
Clark Davis
Brigham Young University

3rd Place:  Design of a fully compliant underactuated finger with a monolithic structure and distributed compliance
Gert Kragten, Peter Steutel
Delft University of Technology

Mechanisms - Graduate Division

1st Place: FlexDex: A Virtual Center Based Minimally Invasive Surgical Tool with Enhanced Dexterity and Intuitive Control
Tristan Trutna
University of Michigan

2nd Place:  A New Semi-Active Variable Stiffness Spring for Vibration Isolation (slides, movie)
Mojtaba Azadi,
University of Alberta

3rd Place:  Design of an impact-free exercise mechanism to simulate the human gait (poster, slides)
Arnold Niedbala, Alix Orton, Paul Trimby, Jeslin Wu
Worcester Polytechnic Institute

4th Place: Compliant Road Bicycle Brake (paper, poster, slides)
Brian Olsen
Brigham Young University

Robots Division

1st Place:  Robotic Multifunction Tools for Natural Orifice Surgery (poster, slides)
Chi Min Seow, Wei Jian Chin, Akiko Nakamura, Michael Head
University of Nebraska-Lincoln

2nd Place: A humanoid robotic upper limb system based on gesture-changeable under-actuated function
Demeng Che, Haitao Sun, Jianzhou Yan
Tsinghua University

3rd Place: Path Finding Track Vehicle
Jonas Swedberg
University of Minnesota Duluth


Mechanisms - Undergraduate Division

1st Place:  Design of an endoscopic biopsy needle (poster)
Cassandra Niebel
The Pennsylvania State University

2nd Place:  Flexure-based ornithopter transmission mechanism (poster)
Kevin Ma
University of California, Berkeley

3rd Place:  Project XR2 (poster, video)
Rupesh S. Baker, A. Ku. Ganaesh, Souvik De, Thien Vui Chia and U.S. Ayay Vignesh
National University of Singapore

4th Place:  Flap and fold mechanism for ornithopters
Mohamed Ahmed Nasr, Mohamed El-Hussieni Hassan and Ahmed Yehia Talaat
The American University in Cairo

Mechanisms - Graduate Division

1st Place:  The Leveraged Freedom Chair: A wheelchair designed for developing countries (poster, video)
Amos G. Winter, Mario A. Bollini, Danielle H. DeLatte, Harrison F. O'Hanley and Natasha K. Scolnik
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

2nd Place:  Posterior compliant load-sharing spinal implant (poster)
Eric Stratton
Brigham Young University

3rd Place:  Design of a multifunctional tissue grasper and spreader for use in incisionless surgery (poster)
Andrew Rau
The Pennsylvania State University

Robots Division

(New division introduced in 2009)

1st Place (Undergraduate): Development of a compliant, robotic hand utilizing pneumatic actuation (poster, video)
Kyle Cothern, Carlos Guevara, Alex McCraw, Taylor Pesek and Colin Smith
Virginia Tech

2nd Place (Undergraduate):  A soccer playing robot (poster)
Josh Apple, Torrey Frank, Matt Saylor and Ted Siegel
Purdue University

1st Place (Graduate):  RoACH: An autonomous 2.4 gram crawling hexapod robot (poster, video)
Aaron M. Hoover and Erik Steltz,
University of California, Berkeley

2nd Place (Graduate): RoboClam: A biologically-inspired robot for marine burrowing applications (poster, video)
Amos G. Winter, Robin Deits and Daniel Dorsche
Massachusetts Institute of Technology


Mechanisms - Undergraduate Division

1st Place: Energy efficient walking mechanism with evolutionary algorithm synthesis  (poster)
Robert Adams
Missouri University of Science and Technology

2nd Place: Multi-functional Automatic Nursing Bed (poster)
Li Qian, Liu Yu, and Sun Yi Yun
Beijing University of Technology
3rd Place: Coconut oil press system (slides)
Chris Christensen,  Shara Richards, Adam Slade and Matt Ward.
Brigham Young University

Mechanisms - Graduate Division

1st Place: A novel compliant micro-clasp mechanism for micromanipulation (slides)
Sandeep Krishnan
University of Illinois, Chicago

2nd Place:  A flexure-based bi-axial contact-aided compliant mechanism for spinal arthoplasty  (slides)
Peter Halverson
Brigham Young University

3rd Place: Design and modeling of an elastic lower-body exoskeleton (poster, slides)
Michael Cherry
University of Michigan 

4th Place:  A two-axis compliant platform with enhanced range (slides)
Dinesh Mana
Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore


Mechanisms - Undergraduate Division

1st Place: Variable geometry compliant throttle (slides)
Trevor Carlyle, Aaron Silidker,  Kenneth Tsang and Tom Weglarz
University of Michigan

2nd Place: Out-of-plane cellular manipulator (OPCeM) (slides)
Quentin Aten
Brigham Young University

3rd Place: Manual-powered wheelchair driving mechanism (slides)
Gordon Farmer
University of Notre Dame du Lac

4th Place:  Automatic retractable wheelchair canopy (slides)
Charles Stepaniuk, Hugo Gallegos and Daniel Totong
Stony Brook University

Mechanisms - Graduate Division

1st Place: Powered ankle-foot prosthesis for the improvement of amputee locomotion (link)
Samuel Au and Ernesto C. Martinez
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

2nd Place: Compliant mechanism as an automotive seat cushion (slides)
Christine Vehar
University of Michigan

3rd Place: A robotic snake designed for efficient rectilinear motion (slides, video)
Richard Primerano
Drexel University

4th Place: Novel mechanical actuation of a modular laparascopic surgical tool (slides)
David Miller
University of Nebraska


Mechanisms - Undergraduate Division

1st Place:  A radially deployable, circumfurentially actuated linkage with cover plates for a retractable roof mechanism (slide)
Jiten Patel 
Indian Institute of Technology - Chennai

2nd Place: DARwIn: a bipedal walking humanoid robot (report)
Karl Muecke, Jeff Kanetzky, Raghav Sampath and Patrick Cox
Virginia Tech

3rd Place: Motorized mountain bike (video)
Troy Nietschmann
Brigham Young University

4th Place: Automatic coffee processor
Mike Zwiers
Grand Valley State University

Mechanisms - Graduate Division

1st Place: A robust robotic hand for unstructured environments (report)
Aaron Dollar
Harvard/Massachusetts Institute of Technology

2nd Place: A displacement amplification compliant mechanism for a mechanical force sensor (slide)
Girish Krishnan
Indian Institute of Science - Bangalore

3rd Place: Robotrikke (link)
Kevin Galloway
University of Pennsylvania