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Leo House Hotel

leo house hotel
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Lyon's Electronic Office (LEO)
Lyon's Electronic Office (LEO)
Lyon's was a famous British food manufacturing and distribution company founded in 1887 and finally shut it's doors in 1981. It was better known to the public through the Lyon's Corner House and Tea House cafes and restaurants. Famed for the 'Nippies' as the waitresses were nicknamed and for the good cup of tea and food at reasonable prices. The Lyons company also owned Wimpey Bars and Dunkin Donuts in the UK too. The Regents Palace Hotel and others came under the auspices of J Lyons and Co. Lyons were innovators in computer technology being the very first company anywhere to introduce a main frame computer to organise its business practices, maintain and replenish stock at its various outlets, calculate the payroll etc. The first of these computers was called LEO for Lyon's Electronic Office and was built in-house and installed in 1948. Lyon's also designed and built computers for other companies finally ending the enterprise in 1961. This at a time when the head honcho at IBM was insisting that the world would need only three computers in total. The company fell into decline in the 1960s and was eventually broken up and its component parts either merged with existing companies or sold to rivals for instance the ice cream and iced lolly part of the business going to Nestle.
NYC - Times Square: Times Square Plaza at 1500 Broadway
NYC - Times Square: Times Square Plaza at 1500 Broadway
1500 Broadway is a 1972 design in International Style II by Leo Kornblath. It was one of the first modern post-war office towers to rise in the Times Square Area. Intertech Corporation acquired the building which had fallen on hard times in 1985 and dramatically transformed the 34-story, half-million square foot space with a $3.5M renovation, renaming it Times Square Plaza at 1500 Broadway. The tower now houses a prestigious roster of entertianment and media companies, crowned by ABC's leasing of 75,000 square feet over the first four floors starting in 1989. ABC's signage includes a giant video screen and news zipper. It had previously been the only major Times Square property without such adornmnet. It serves as a location for Good Morning America, a newsroom and the headquarters for Dick Clark's New Year's Eve extravaganza. This corner was the site of the Barrett House Hotel, where playwright Eugene O'Neill was born on October 16, 1888, while his father was in town playing The Count of Monte Cristo.

leo house hotel
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