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How To Garage Floor

how to garage floor
    how to
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  • (How To’s) Multi-Speed Animations
  • an outbuilding (or part of a building) for housing automobiles
  • a repair shop where cars and trucks are serviced and repaired
  • Put or keep (a motor vehicle) in a garage
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how to garage floor - How to
How to Design and Build Your Ideal Woodshop (Popular Woodworking)
How to Design and Build Your Ideal Woodshop (Popular Woodworking)
Every woodworker wants the most efficient workshop possible, whether the shop is in a closet, a basement or a garage. Maximizing floor space, power, lighting, safety and reducing noise, are all concerns covered by Bill Stankus, who interviewed hundreds of woodworkers while writing this book. Color photographs and floor plans for a wide variety of arrangementsand locations are included. This book will give even the most experienced home woodworker fresh ideas for planning a safe and efficient shop. For the novice, it should take most of the guesswork (and the mistakes, as well) out of designing the perfect workshop.

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441/731 - The floor.
441/731 - The floor.
Today I got up and folded ALL my clean clothes and cleaned up the bedroom. I went out to the garage to bring up at least parts of my dresser. I pulled one drawer out and it fell apart on me. I decided not to bring it up. I went to go back inside, and that fast, someone had locked me out. I didn't have a key yet, and I'd only noticed one other person home this morning, Brandon, I tried calling him, no answer, so I figured I was stuck. Texted Justin to tell him I was locked out, and then after sitting on the porch pouting for a few minutes, I heard the dishes being done. So I rang the doorbell. Brandon came down and let me in. He was doing the dishes with his headphones on and didn't hear his phone. Apparently Robert must've left while I was out there and locked me out. So anyway, I didn't end up going to Curves today because I was afraid I'd end up out on the porch. Justin came home after work and we made pasta. It was good, but we made a whole lot. Way more than the two of us could eat. Then we all hopped in the car and went down to the theater to see Harold and Kumar. It was good. I just saw the first one a couple days ago. On the way to the theater, I mentioned going to Lowe's afterwards to get a copy made of the house key, so I could, you know, leave the house unassisted. So I bring it up after the movie and everybody starts whining. I'm sorry, how long does it take to make a damn key? Like, a minute. Suck it up. Brandon wanted Chik-fil-a, but that wasn't an issue. So we go to Lowes first, I get my key, and some cash back so I can get some Chik-fil-a too. We get in the drive-thru and I ask Justin to order me some nuggets, and he says I don't need them because we "just" ate. We got home and I took this picture. Ta-da. My fucking day.
So I saw this ad in the paper for an indoor rummage sale...antiques, glassware, china, 100's of items. I mean it was meant to be. When we got there (my husband got really nervous about letting me loose at this one) there were at least 15 people crammed into a 12X 16' room...maybe not even. There was all this stuff spread out all over the floor of this room and a few narrow pathways. Everyone was just scooping up stuff. I kinda of hovered, or should I say Hoovered, around the edges and look what I found. No prices marked so you yelled ou, "t how much?" and one of two ladies would yell back a price.I would have gotten even more stuff but I had no way to carry it out of there and past the lady who was taking the $$. I'd say this was a successful SCORE!!!

how to garage floor
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