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Hardwood Flooring Nailers

hardwood flooring nailers
    hardwood flooring
  • Wood flooring is any product manufactured from timber that is designed for use as flooring, either structural or aesthetic. Bamboo flooring is often considered a wood floor, although it is made from a grass (bamboo) rather than a timber.
  • Hardwood flooring: classic or contemporary, The choice is yours with a wide range of traditonal and exotic woods from around the world. Which hardwoods are right for your home?Janka Hardness Scale?
  • (nailer) a worker who attaches something by nailing it
  • (Nailer) A nail gun, nailgun or nailer is a type of tool used to drive nails into wood or some other kind of material. It is usually driven by electromagnetism, compressed air (pneumatic), highly flammable gases such as butane or propane, or, for powder-actuated tools, a small explosive charge.
  • A power tool for inserting nails
  • A maker of nails
  • (nailer) One whose occupation is to make nails; a nail maker; One who fastens with, or drives, nails; A nailgun; A piece of dimensional lumber and/or plywood secured to the deck or wall which provides a receiving medium for the fasteners. (Sometimes referred to as blocking.)
hardwood flooring nailers - Porter Cable
Porter Cable PC3Pak Finish Nailer/Brad Nailer/Stapler Compressor Combo Kit
Porter Cable PC3Pak Finish Nailer/Brad Nailer/Stapler Compressor Combo Kit
Includes 6 Gallon, 150 PSI Pancake Compressor, 1-3/8-in 18-Gauge Brad Nailer - BN138, 2-1/2-in 16-Gauge Finish Nailer - FN250C, 1-in Narrow Crown Stapler - NS100B, 25' Air Hose w/ Coupler & Plug, (500) 2-in Finish Nails, (500) 1-1/4-in Brad Nails, (500) 1-in Staples, Canvas Carry Bag, Operating Manuals

Porter Cable’s PC3PAK combo kit comes equipped with the FN250C 16-gauge finish nailer, the BN138 narrow-crown brad nailer, the NS100B 18-gauge crown stapler, and the 6-gallon pancake compressor--providing a well-rounded tool kit ideal for installing crown molding, chair rails, base cap molding, wood casing, and more. Complete with hose, nails, staples and a carrying bag, the PC3PAK serves as a convenient kit for the next remodeling, repair, or workshop project.
At a Glance
Finish Nailer/Brad Nailer/Stapler
Compressor Combo Kit
At a Glance:
Compressor’s 34-pound weight allows for easy portability

Maintenance-free compressor pump for convenient operation

Nailers’ and stapler’s maintenance-free motors designed to deliver long life

Internal piston catches for maximum power on every shot

Nailers feature tool-free jam release mechanisms for easy nail removal

At a Glance

 Porter Cable PC3Pak Finish Nailer/Brad Nailer/Stapler Compressor Combo Kit
The PC3PAK’s sturdy and lightweight compressor makes it easy to transport to various project sites. View larger

The 150 psi max compressor stores more air than traditional 135 psi compressors, increasing productivity by allowing for more nails to be driven. Its 6-gallon tank also improves upon the quantity of nails that can be deployed on a single tank charge. A standard household current supports this 120-volt electric unit, and its innovative shroud and 34-pound weight advances protection and portability.

Nailers and Stapler
The FN250C finish nailer utilizes standard 16-gauge finish nails from 1 inch to 2-1/2 inches long, and it features an internal piston catch for consistent maximum power on every shot and a rear exhaust to keep contaminates away from work. Its oil- and maintenance-free motor prevents oil from staining the work surface and extends tool life. The BN138 narrow-crown brad nailer uses standard 18-gauge brad nails from 5/8 inches to 1-3/8 inches long. It too comes with a long-life motor, and it has a tool-free depth-of-drive adjustment with detents for proper setting of nail heads (as does the FN250C). And the NS100B stapler dispenses standard 18-gauge 1/4-inch staples from 1/2 inch to 1 inch long. Like the nailers, the stapler also features an internal piston catch; additionally, it has a split-nose design for easy removal of jammed staples, a sequential-style trigger with lock-off switch, and a removable non-marring nose tip.
What's in the Box
6-gallon, 150 psi compressor; 16-gallon 2-1/2 inch finish nailer; 18-gallon 1-3/8 inch brad nailer; 18-gallon 1-inch stapler (1/4-inch crown); 25 feet of 1/4-inch air hose with a coupler and plug; 500 finish nails of 2-inch length; 500 brad nails of 1-1/4 inch length; 500 staples of 1-inch length; carrying bag.
Porter Cable 3Pak compressorPorter Cable 3Pak Lifestyle ShotPorter Cable 3Pak Compressor
The PC3PAK includes the BN138 narrow-crown brad nailer, the FN250C finish nailer, and the NS100B stapler. (Click each to enlarge)

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ready to install hardwood floor
ready to install hardwood floor
Here I have the first run of 15 pound felt and I'm ready to start laying hardwood. I'm using a Primatech hardwood flooring nailer. Model is the 240. it is made in Canada. It sure beats nailing the floor down by hand with a hammer and nail set.
20090731 - hardwood flooring
20090731 - hardwood flooring
We found a great deal on 3/4" hardwood flooring and we bought enough for the entire house. This is what we wanted from the beginning. Now to rent the hardwood floor nailer and 1-1/2" nails.

hardwood flooring nailers
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