Floor vase large : Dark hardwood flooring

Floor Vase Large

floor vase large
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  • The vase (, , or ) is an open container, often used to hold cut flowers. It can be made from a number of materials including ceramics and glass. The vase is often decorated and thus used to extend the beauty of its contents.
  • A decorative container, typically made of glass or china and used as an ornament or for displaying cut flowers
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  • Vase is a settlement on the right bank of the Sora River just before its confluence with the Sava River at Medvode in the Upper Carniola region of Slovenia.
floor vase large - Green Earth
Green Earth Accents Brush Bamboo 5-6 Feet Tall, Package of 5 - Basil
Green Earth Accents Brush Bamboo 5-6 Feet Tall, Package of 5 - Basil
The brush bamboo has a denser look than the Bamboo Spray with a thick bamboo stem. The branches have many tiny branches gives the appearance of small clusters at the tips. They stand approximately 5-6 feet tall. You can use them alone in a tall vase or floor vase. These branches are a good choice when you want to fill up a large space with a minimum cost. If using a table vase, you can cut the branches to the desired height. One stem should give you several smaller stems. They are available in burnt oak, or basil. Sold in a package of 5.

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The Connaught Hotel 03/10/08
The Connaught Hotel 03/10/08
We tried a more complicated arrangement here, using the 'pearl necklace' vases (which were then moved to the fourth floor). It was too fussy and did not have much impact. Simple is always best here, just masses of one or two types of flower. I thought the 'mind-your-own-business' plants looked great spilling over the urn vases. I wish it wasn't so formulaic, but a circular table viewed from all sides demands certain things: square-sided vases look horrible; you need to have height in the middle and lower items at the edge; use repetition always; etc. I have considered creating just one large arrangement, but I haven't found the appropriate container, or flowers that are showy enough to be interesting, but not so ostentatious they dominate the room.
Scheurich 'Wein' Fat Lava floor vase, by A. Seide, circa 1960's
Scheurich 'Wein' Fat Lava floor vase, by A. Seide, circa 1960's
Large Scheurich ribbed 'Wien' series floor vase, West German Fat Lava pottery designed by A. Seide circa 1960's

floor vase large
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