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Floor Industrial

floor industrial
  • Of, relating to, or characterized by industry
  • of or relating to or resulting from industry; "industrial output"
  • Designed or suitable for use in industry
  • having highly developed industries; "the industrial revolution"; "an industrial nation"
  • suitable to stand up to hard wear; "industrial carpeting"
  • Having highly developed industries
  • shock: surprise greatly; knock someone's socks off; "I was floored when I heard that I was promoted"
  • The lower surface of a room, on which one may walk
  • a structure consisting of a room or set of rooms at a single position along a vertical scale; "what level is the office on?"
  • All the rooms or areas on the same level of a building; a story
  • A level area or space used or designed for a particular activity
  • the inside lower horizontal surface (as of a room, hallway, tent, or other structure); "they needed rugs to cover the bare floors"; "we spread our sleeping bags on the dry floor of the tent"
floor industrial - The 2009-2014
The 2009-2014 Outlook for Commercial and Industrial Floor and Carpet Waxing, Polishing, and Cleaning Machines Excluding Vacuum Cleaners in Greater China
The 2009-2014 Outlook for Commercial and Industrial Floor and Carpet Waxing, Polishing, and Cleaning Machines Excluding Vacuum Cleaners in Greater China
This econometric study covers the latent demand outlook for commercial and industrial floor and carpet waxing, polishing, and cleaning machines excluding vacuum cleaners across the regions of Greater China, including provinces, autonomous regions (Guangxi, Nei Mongol, Ningxia, Xinjiang, Xizang - Tibet), municipalities (Beijing, Chongqing, Shanghai, and Tianjin), special administrative regions (Hong Kong and Macau), and Taiwan (all hereafter referred to as "regions"). Latent demand (in millions of U.S. dollars), or potential industry earnings (P.I.E.) estimates are given across some 1,100 cities in Greater China. For each major city in question, the percent share the city is of the region and of Greater China is reported. Each major city is defined as an area of "economic population", as opposed to the demographic population within a legal geographic boundary. For many cities, the economic population is much larger that the population within the city limits; this is especially true for the cities of the Western regions. For the coastal regions, cities which are close to other major cities or which represent, by themselves, a high percent of the regional population, actual city-level population is closer to the economic population (e.g. in Beijing). Based on this "economic" definition of population, comparative benchmarks allow the reader to quickly gauge a city's marketing and distribution value vis-a-vis others. This report does not discuss the specific players in the market serving the latent demand, nor specific details at the product level. The study also does not consider short-term cyclicalities that might affect realized sales. The study, therefore, is strategic in nature, taking an aggregate and long-run view, irrespective of the players or products involved.

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Industrial Floor Surface
Industrial Floor Surface
A wide range of cementitious and resin based industrial flooring system. FAIRTOP systems are monolithic, non-metallic floor hardeners for heavy to light duty floors. FAIRTOP systems ensures maintenance free industrial floor system used in industrial flooring where very high abrasion resistant and chemical resistant floors are pre-requisite. FAIRSCREED systems are based on various Epoxy and MMA resins to give desired performance.
Humane Society
Humane Society
Humane Society in Pennsylvania flooring and walls done with TruCrete Systems.

floor industrial
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