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I'm a PhD candidate in economics at the University of Kansas and economic instructor at Dodge City Community College (DC3).  I'm on the 2017-2018 job market and will be available for interviews at the EEA Annual Conference, Boston, MA, on March 1-4, 2018
or the MEA Conference, Evanston, IL on March 23-25,2018.

My research interests include Labor Economics, Environmental  Economics,  Economics of Conflicts, Petroleum Economics and Applied  Microeconomics. 

I'm interested in both abstract models of decision making and real-world economic applications. I seek to ask and answer interesting questions using the empirical  economic toolbox.

Prior to entering the University of Kansas, I completed  MSc in International and Petroleum Economics  at the University of Baghdad , Baghdad- Iraq I also got a BS in Economics from the University of Baghdad. 

My non-academic work experience includes positions at Oil Marketing Company (SOMO)-Iraq Ministry of Oil. I worked as the Head of Data and Information Section in the Market Research Department as well as  Iraq Oil Data and Information Coordinator with international oil organizations such as OPEC, AOPEC and JODI. 
In U.S.A, I worked as Client Success Coordinator and Caregiver Recruiter for Ashley Home Care Services in Overland Park , Kansas. Most recently  start working  as Arabic Interpreter   for Bridging the Gap interpreting, LLC in Dodge City, Kansas.
If you are interested in meeting me in person or via any online visual communication, please visit https://yaseeneconomic.youcanbook.me/.

Address : Dodge City Community College
                  Humanities 214
                  2501 N 14th Ave, 
                  Dodge City, KS 6780 
Phone : +1(785) 813- 1426
              +1(620) 225- 9251
E-mail (s): asmaayaseen@ku.edu