Craic Happy?

    We're an improvisational jamming outfit, open to one and all, willing and able to the challange of bringing fusions and happenings of sounds and styles, for bafflement, amusment, confusion and hopefully delusional joy, movement and good times.

    We need gigs and want gigs all over Birmingham, so get in touch if you've got something for us. Otherwise just to keep things ticking over we run a night 1st Sunday of each month at the Rainbow, called a slice of the pie. (myspace & website)

    Here are some of our jam recordings;

Old Stuff       May 06        July 06

    Check out my You Tube which should have loads of fun videos by the time you read this, (like this one below.)




The jammers;

Click on the names to go through to their myspaces (crazy kids) 

Richie 'boy' Shaw Vocals/ MC/ All Round Entertainer 

    The man is a musical chameleon with the ability to adapt to all genres and any instrument armed with original lines and original vibes. Thought to be a Son of Apollo.



Liam "Flaming guitar fingers" mcfunk

    This man loves music and loves his guitar, if it were possible to cross-breed man and music, this guy would have, and there'd be a million little bastard half-liam half-guitar things, running around raising a fine racket, teaching us dumb apes how to really hit the groove, and pop it.



Pete aka dj Slaine,

    Now this guy plays guitar in a punk band, Aural Bleach and dj's drum and bass. But his first and main passion is producing his own drum and bass tunes that are of frankly astonishing quality.

    So we are glad for funky bad-ass bass lines he lets loose for our little band.



Tom the Drummer,

    Though Tom looks like hes about 17 he actually lives in triple time, so has clocked up over thirty years of gigging experience with the finest musicians globably.

    His other side projects at the moment are the noise metal beat group Exayrian and no doubt all sorts of other mischief. 

me aka chris aka dj limb

    I'm a reggae dj*, the percussionist* in the group, a painter** of the art variety, a gig promoter, a payroll clerk* of the bored variety and a qualified philosopher poet*.

    I'm also great at offending people and being a bit of a dick, with and without the aid of intoxicating substances.

*I may not actually be any good at these things


Chrissay '2 Smooth' Smith

    The true gentleman of guitar, even when he is letting loose the hardest of rudeboy riffs he still manages to make it look like a peice of piss.    

    Known on the street as 'Little Tito' he avoided a life as a drug dealer to become the godfather of vibe.


 Dan aka producer Doublesharp, founder of the band.

    Dans hairy, Dans so hairy his hairs have hairs, Dans hair hairs have hairs. If you chemo'd Dan collected up all the hairs and tried to knit a vast toy blue whale you would actually die before completion due to hair mite inhilation. Beneath the hair there's a gig promoter, dance producer, whacka whacka wah guitarist and man of ambition.


Dan the dan

    Dan's the most important member of the group so we each pay him accordingly in enveloped cash at the start of each week. He protects us from harm, terrorists and numerous dangers.

    On the side he designs flyers and art for us and rolls the odd joint.


 Paul the graphic designer,


    Paul designs adverts for escort agencies and strip clubs by night, and our flyers by day. He also dabbles in science-fictiony fine art when not in persuit of his never ending quest for the poon-tang.

Matthew Murtagh Photography 

    Matt will take your picture, make your band look pretty, build you a website, fix your computer, cook you a fine meal and teach you about any historical ancient past culture thing you want to know about. AND THEN SOME MOFO.  check his flickr.




    queen of the pie, treasurer doorwoman and head of all things involving trust, money and difficult sums.



 Upcoming Gigs;

Thursday 21st. September : Stop the War Fundraiser @ T.C's Coronation Road, Selly Oak.

With I Bring the Rain / Cubus / Dave Hill  7pm till late, £3 entry.

1st October : Oxjam Launch Birmingham @ A Slice of the Pie, The Rainbow, Digbeth, Birmingham,

Same as ever except bigger, better and this time its for charity.

Contacting the band:

    I'm at then there's the night email (notice that theres no "the") or go through the myspace or any of the links up above.

    Or leave comments in our Guestbook