I am currently a SNSF Ambizione research fellow within the group of Prof. Fritjof Helmchen at Brain Research Institute in Zurich. Previously I was a postdoctoral researcher (SNSF MHV Grant) in the same group. Since the beginning of 2016 the 
SNSF Ambizione grant, together with resources and space provided by Prof. Helmchen allowed me to pursue my scientific career more independently and I started establishing my junior research group. Below is the brief description of my research  interest.

We perceive the outside world as a result of continuous sensorimotor interactions. We guide our gaze to what we want to look at; we choose and approach what to touch smell or taste.  In addition our motor actions are carried out in the light of sensory inputs. Our research focuses on understanding how sensory inputs are integrated with motor actions to produce a unified perception. We specifically investigate sensorimotor circuitry of somatosensation during active exploratory behavior in head-restrained mobile mice. We use 2-photon calcium imaging to measure neuronal activity and benefit from viral and genetic constructs to dissect and manipulate the circuitry. 

Previously as a postdoc in Prof. Matteo Carandini's group I have investigated effects of locomotion in visual processing (Ayaz et al., Current Biology 2013) and integration of locomotion and visual motion (Saleem et al., Nat Neuroscience 2013)  in the visual cortex of behaving mice with my colleague and collaborator Aman Saleem.