I am currently a senior researcher  in the lab of Vincent Bonin at Neuroelectronics Research Flanders (NERF), Leuven Belgium. Previously I was a SNSF Ambizione research fellow within the group of Prof. Fritjof Helmchen at Brain Research Institute in Zurich and a postdoctoral researcher (SNSF MHV Grant) in the same group. Since the beginning of 2016 the 
SNSF Ambizione grant, together with resources and space provided by Prof. Helmchen allowed me to pursue my scientific career more independently and I started establishing my junior research group. Below is the brief description of my research  interest.

We are continuously bombarded with myriad of sensory stimuli. The appropriate selection and integration of sensory information with contextual information is crucial for survival and for creating a unified perceptual representation of the world. ‘How does the brain integrate multimodal information to produce perception and to guide behavior?’ remains to be one of the key questions of neuroscience. My recent research focused on sensory-motor integration in visual and somatosensory cortices (Ayaz et al., Nature Communication 2019) and investigating underlying neural circuits. I utilized in vivo electrophysiology and state-of-the-art calcium imaging technologies to measure neuronal activity in head-restrained mice that are freely behaving in visual/tactile virtual realities. My on-going work involves investigating brain-wide circuits of multisensory processing and task-dependent modulation of functional connectivity. I am also interested in studying neurological diseases that affect sensory processing such as autism spectrum disorders and schizophrenia.  

Previously as a postdoc in Prof. Matteo Carandini's group I have investigated effects of locomotion in visual processing (Ayaz et al., Current Biology 2013) and integration of locomotion and visual motion (Saleem et al., Nat Neuroscience 2013)  in the visual cortex of behaving mice with my colleague and collaborator Aman Saleem.