Unit 15 Presentaion

Level 2: Unit 15 Signed Presentation


You will be giving a signed presentation in class on: Block day March 3rd or 4th

                                                                                  Rough Draft:  2/27 Friday

                                                                                  Poster: 3/2 Monday


You will be giving a two to three minute biography/narrative on an important individual.  You may choose either a famous Deaf person or one of your own ancestors.  (No, your ancestor does not have to be deaf.)  Either way you will be doing some research.  Your resources may be your ASL text, the internet, books, your family members, etc.


Your presentation should follow the format of either “Jose’s Life Story” or “Cinnie’s  Autobiography”.  (Yours will be much shorter, 2-3 minutes only). After you have chosen your person, done some research and taken notes write up the important events in this person’s life, a biography (English or ASL: Writing it in ASL will make it easier for you to sign later.)  Then work on the correct ASL grammar combining when clauses, sequencing events and using transition signs.   You will also be making a poster, including pictures, highlighting the important events in this person’s life. 


Poster format is:      Your poster should have pictures, drawings, etc. of the person you have chosen.  Have a different photo, picture or representation for each life event or events that you plan to present to the class.  Include a sentence under each picture in English or ASL structure.  Your written/listed summary may be attached to the back of your poster.


*Report option:  Say you cannot find any pictures and just find it impossible to make a poster, O.K, you may type up a well done written report (two page minimum) on this person’s life in lieu of the poster.  Of course, signing still required.


You must include the following:

-         significant events in the person’s life, starting at birth, ending at death                                                       

-         tell their life story using at least one of each of the following:  1) by age 2) by referring to another event 3) by year 4) by sequencing

-         use the transition signs LATER-ON, FINISH and WRONG

-         correctly use the sign for indicating periods of time that elapsed between events

-         use at least five vocabulary words from this unit

-         use at least two new vocabulary words that you can teach to the class

-         add some sort of a comment such as “up until now…..” or your opinion or how this person has affected you or is significant to the Deaf community


      On the day of your presentation:

-         be ready, come prepared

-         bring a short printed summary of your presentation (14 font)

-         bring visuals, pictures: poster format

-         highlight your five vocabulary words

-         highlight and circle or embolden your new words(s)


      To be successful:


-    practice, practice, practice

-    memorize so you can have eye contact

    -     be ready to present on the due date

-    use correct ASL structure that has been practiced in class

-    review grammar on pages 60 and 63

-    breathe, have fun, learn something about the past