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2/25/2006 06:00 ...and it was good.

I have heard my pastor, on many occasions, say he does not fear death.  That he could walk out of Church, get run over by a bus,  and it doesn’t matter because he knows where he is going.  I know that Paul no longer feared death.  I fear death.  If I think about it too much, I get a feeling in my stomach like no other.  I am forced to immediately think about something else.  Does this mean I am not faithful?  Does this say something about my salvation? 

Thinking about these things in Sunday school,  I wrote the following in the margins of my Bible near John 1:1-

Creation is a gift.  Life within this Creation is a gift.  It is a gift from Him that should not be taken lightly.  Perhaps this why we try to hang on to our mortal lives as long as possible, while still knowing what comes after is even better. Maybe we still have an innate fear of death because of the how valuable this gift is.  We put such an importance on our mortal lives because God does.  If God Doesn’t value mortal life, doesn’t that take away from the crucifixion?  Why would one think “come quickly death so I can be with Jesus”, when God is triune and we are with Him now.

God created this world and it was good.  He created man and woman and they were good.  This leads me to believe that even as sin is now present in the world,  that God still holds a great importance and love for his Creation.  If it is important to Him, it should be important to us.  It shouldn’t be treated as a holding pen for Heaven.  If life is a miracle (words used to argue against abortion), then we need to treat it as such. 

2/23/2006 08:00 First Entry

Ok, so I know this isn't really a blog, but I am way to lazy to actually use blogging software, and edit, and publish and count hits, and all that other junk.  Curse you Google.  You have contributed to my lackadaisical ways once more. 

Anywho, I'm not sure what I will be putting on this page at this point.  Probably random thoughts about life, religion, music, current events, brews, politics and what not.  Since, know one knows this page exists yet, I will not sign off with something stupid like:  Later yo, I gotta jet.  That would just be silly.


"I would have went to college if it weren't for my horse."  -Unknown IHOP Patron

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