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The Tower of "Babble"?

One of the most frustrating things about our modern-day digital world is the confusion and non-interactivity or non-compatibility of so many devices and applications.  Different manufacturers and programmers are all over the lot with which computer language or code they use for their products and applications; and which hardware components; and which networking protocols; which file extensions; which GUI (GraphicalUser Interface); which templates; which widgets, gadgets; and on and on it goes! 

And, as technology improves and devices get smaller and smaller, manufacturers must find ways to somehow take advantage of all their previous efforts; when similarly-intended devices were larger and more cumbersome, and could contain more electronics, and more storage, and bulkier applications.   Indeed, today's high-tech cellphones have barely begunto open the doors of opportunity that (I believe!) will continue to evolve and will become necessary, even permanent, adjuncts to our daily lives; with regard to personal computing and communications in general.  Soon, people will be in-touch constantly if they wish to be, (and if they can afford the rates the communications companies are sure to charge). 

Perhaps someday, when the dust settles down from the now somewhat chaotic frenzy for pushing through only the best-there-is-for-now technology; maybe all things digital and electronic will be designed to seamlessly communicate with each other (the devices themselves) and will be capable of carrying out their intended functions through simpler user-interfaces, including using simple thought input!  Wow!  Think of that!  
What a journey!  

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