VariClave - Autoclave
The VariClave® Three Phase process was developed to answer multiple issues related to autoclave processing of Regulated Medical Waste (RMW), particularly treatment efficacy, environmental and workplace safety concerns. Each Phase of the process addresses one or more of these issues. The variable timers and set points for each Phase and each Cycle Type have been established by a battery of intensive testing. 

The Three Phase Cycle with Automatic Variable Parametric Settings results in: treatment of potential airborne pathogens (ABP’s); effective steam penetration by compromising containment systems; effective sterilization by varying residence time based on weight and characterization to the load; a cool to the touch bin for safe removal and elimination of steam plume or odor when the chamber door is opened. 
The heart of the The Variclave® System is the Control Studio. State-of-the-Art components and programming provide users with a friendly, easy to use interface to select cycle types, access the database and print reports.

We can customize your system with a variety of standard and optional selections such as;

Operator touch screen
Cycle chart
Machine usage reports
Alarm screen
Maintenance screen
Searchable database
Remote report viewing and printing
Radiation Detection
Multiple languages
Vacuum Pumps
Condensate quenching
Integrated scale
Loading ramps and platforms
Sump Systems
Custom chamber diameters
Custom Chamber lengths
Database Backups
Electronic Cycle Chart Storage

Material Handling

A variety of material handling bins are available to customize The VariClave® system to the workflow of the facility.