nSite Sterilization takes a Customer Focused approach to solving the Regulated Medical Waste (RMW), |medical waste systems|healthcare waste solutions| biomedical waste systems|; waste management|healthcare solutions|

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Our approach starts with understanding the unique characteristics of your environment. OnSite performs a comprehensive assessment before recommending an equipment package.

Installation is completely supervised by OnSite engineers. Our experienced staff will customize site drawings and you can approve the perfect fit for your location. 

Our customized approach doesn’t stop there. OnSite’s patented technology automatically adapts to each load’s specific characteristics, ensuring you maximum efficacy and efficiency with minimal user effort. Our interactive control panel will guide the operator through the entire process, minimizing the chance of human error.

After the sale OnSite’s quarterly Preventive Maintenance Program and responsive Customer Service Approach will ensure that you receive the on-going attention you expect.