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What's the Secret to making Love work between Couples?

In these times, teenagers hook up at age 15 or 16 with the first person they meet and remain partners for life. Most of the girls [99%] I approach to are taken [not single]. At this young impressionable age, the couple usually experiments with sex and both get addicted to it. Sex sometimes tends to hold a relationship together but, for the wrong reasons. The physical addiction engulfs them in a routine relationship and prevents either party from exploring the greater spiritual and romantic benefits of sex with a, possibly, better lover out there somewhere in the world.

I believe, though, that the life of a relationship is dependent upon the level of understanding between couples. Yes, understanding is the key to a long lasting relationship. We already know that the communication methods and needs between men and women are distinct and can be very confusing to either partner [women are from Venus; men are from Mars]. Understanding and the willingness to understand and learn about each other's needs and wants, and desires and methods will carry a young couple far.

If a man wants to go out with friends, his partner should understand that this is something that just has to be done every now and again. If a woman wants to go shopping, her partner should understand that this is what she wants and it should be satisfied.

Compromise is an essential "post-action" to the "understanding process". Each person must be willing and able to compromise after understanding the situation. Understanding is like the definition and conceptualization of a problem and the realization of the relevance and importance of its existence, whereas compromise is the solution or the negotiation of the final solution to the problem. Note, though, that compromise is a two-way process: the man can't always have what he wants, or vice-versa.

With these two tools: understanding and compromise, a couple will enjoy many years of love and happiness. This was not written based upon any couple; I am single since, unfortunately, I have not yet found anyone who can understand me.

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