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There are five Askelands.  My wife, Stephanie, has an MEd in Educational Technology and worked as an Academic Technologist before becoming a fulltime mom. She likes to cook, read fiction, and wait for me to finish my education.  In a previous life, she worked as an academic technology specialist at Lake Forest College.  Stephanie and I met at the University of Florida.  We found out later that we had both grown up in the same county (St. Lucie County, Florida).  We were married in 1998, and had our first child in 2001, while I was doing my MDiv in Chicagoland.

Heidi is my oldest daughter (22 Apr 2001). She is very industrious and has to get everything right.  As our family disciplinarian, she maintains order and insures that everyone has washed their hands and stays out of trouble.  Heidi and her siblings maintain a small civilization of paper dolls which she would love to tell you about sometime.  She currently attends Gymnasium Paulinum (est. 797 CE), where she benefits from a program designed to integrate internationals into the German educational system.

My younger daughter, Morgan, (26 July 2002) is the family comedian.  She is a born reader and enjoys drawing and playing on the computer.  Morgan has a natural proficiency for acquiring German vocabulary, although she is shy in public, and does not speak much.  This year will be her last in elementary school after which she will hopefully attend the same school as her sister.  Morgan is probably the kindest and most patient member of our family, and never fails to provoke laughter with her jokes.

Once known as “Mr. Furious,” Christian Joel (13 Sept 2006) has matured into a sweet boy.  Having said that, he aspires to someday be a nefarious robot engineer, and to provide battle robots both for the good guys and for the bad guys so they can fight each other.  Not only will he achieve great profit, he will eliminate the human cost of war.  Ha ha ha ha.  Christian Joel attends a Kindergarten this year and loves to play with his sisters whenever he can.

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