November 2015


We have been drilling every morning on letters and sounds, and already over half of the students now know ALL the letters AND their sounds.   Almost all are sounding out three letter words.  The students are reading!   Their writing skills blew me away during the assessment as well.  I usually don’t see them spelling phonetically like this until after Spring break.  Full day kindergarten is really making a difference!  


We have many other enriching activities going on in our class.  Mrs. Otte, our instructional assistant, has been doing weekly art projects with the students.  We had a fabulous AG day. We learned about Johnny Appleseed and the life cycle of an apple tree, and then we made applesauce for the whole school. 


The year is flying by.  Thank you to Helena’s grandma and Chloe’s mom for coming in regularly, and also to all of you who support from home.  This is shaping up into a great year!  


October is Fire Safety Month

We had a visit from Cale's grandpa, uncle, mom, and great-grandma who have all been active on the Drake's Crossing Fire Department.