This is a page to explore the idea of starting a syndicated 'Ask A Cyclist!' column. Modeled on the 'Ask A Mexican!' syndicated column, our aim would be to teach drivers the rules of the road. :)

Potential questions:
  1. Why do cyclists get right in the middle of the road when there is room on the side?
  2. Why do cyclists run stop signs and red lights?
  3. Why do cyclists wear those weird little outfits?
  4. Why do cyclists shave their legs?
  5. Why are bicycles so expensive?
  6. Why don't all cyclists wear helmets? Are they trying to get themselves killed?
  7. What are those funny shoes that cyclists wear -- the ones that click and clack on the floor and slide everywhere?
  8. What is bike-sharing?
  9. Why do bikes have to be allowed onto every single street/bridge/tunnel? Side/small/slow streets are better, right?
  10. What are those little double-arrow Chevron things?
  11. What is a cycle track?
  12. Bikes are already allowed on the road -- why bother with bike lanes?

Interested? Good. Then get it started! :)  Or, if you'd like to chat about, give me a holler.  peter@googlemapsbikethere.org